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As you sign your driver’s license application and take your road exam, you are assuming the responsibilities of a New York driver. This not only includes driving within the guidelines of the law, but following the appropriate procedures to ensure you always remain a valid driver in New York. If you don’t comply with the law, you have to face the penalties of the state, which means that you will receive tickets and other violations that could greatly affect your future as a driver, and even employee in New York and other states you may move to. So, what should you know about tickets and violations in New York? Well, there is a lot that 4dmv.com can give you in terms of comprehensive details to help you sort things out.

NY Traffic Tickets, Points & Fines

·    When you break New York traffic laws, you must expect to receive traffic tickets, points, and even fines. In fact, you could even lose your license altogether, with different steps that you must take to prevent this loss or to avoid letting these tickets, points, and fines catch up to you.

·    Traffic tickets are issued for a variety of crimes, all of which can be quite different and require different penalties. The points applied to your license for these tickets can also change from ticket to ticket, ranging in amount by the severity or repetition of the violation. The fines applied can also differ with the violation the occurrence of previous violations of the same sort on your record. Understand the tickets that you could receive, the points applied, and fines you may have to pay at 4dmv.com.

Traffic Schools in New York

·    If you receive a traffic ticket and have traffic points present on your NY driving record, it is important that you are aware of the traffic schools that exist in the state to help you remove these discrepancies from your record. You can lose your license in New York if you reach 11 or more points, so why not take the time and put forth the effort to ensure that you don’t reach these points and are able to keep your record as clean as possible. 4dmv.com will give you tips for using and provide you the information you need to locate a traffic school in New York as quickly as possible.

New York Suspended License

·    Find out what could cause your license to be suspended or revoked in New York, as well as what to do if this occurs. If you want your license to be reinstated, you will be first required to complete the appropriate process, which includes a $50 suspension termination fee and other fees that may be assessed according to the violation that you were suspended for. Also, remember that you must complete all requirements of your suspension or probation before your license can be reinstated.

DWI Offenses in New York

·    Driving while intoxicated in New York is not acceptable. If you decide that you want to test your limits and drive intoxicated, even if you don’t feel intoxicated but have consumed alcohol or other controlled substances, you can face severe penalties that could include jail, probation, license suspension or revocation, loss of commercial driving privileges, and more.

·    Find out how to find an experienced DWI attorney in New York, as well as complete the needed requirements for reinstatement of your license -- if possible.

NY Lemon Law

·    If you are considering a new or used car purchase in New York, don’t forget to get the full rundown of the New York Lemon Law so you are aware of the actual coverage provided, the overall limitations, and the responsibilities for buyers as well as sellers. You need to know what your rights are when you are purchasing a vehicle so you are able to keep yourself safe from fraud or other issues related to your vehicle.