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Are you looking for your New York driving records? There are many reasons why you would want to view these records, which are offered in several ways to ensure that you have the access you need and deserve. If you are interested in getting your driver's record online in New York, there are various options as well as those locally within the appropriate agencies. You can choose to go through a state certified organization or an online or local resource that may offer a membership to allow you to access these records regularly to ensure there are no errors at any time.

Instant Access to Your MVR

Your New York driver's record, MVR, is offered online with instant access, offering the opportunity to utilize a third party for the quickest access to your NY driver's record possible. With instant viewing and even printing and downloading for saving to your computer, you may find this to be the best option, although it may cost a bit more than other ways of getting your driver's history report.

Your Driver's Record from NY DMV

If you prefer, you can get your driver's record from the New York DMV in multiple ways. There may be a longer wait if you obtain these records from the DMV, but you will get a full certified copy of your driver's history, which you can use to access employment or insurance rates that are lower, fix errors, or to ensure employees you are hiring have the right stuff for your business.

The New York DMV offers your driver history record in one of two ways. You can choose a lower cost abstract which offers only limited and pertinent information, or you could decide to obtain your full certified driving history. Either way, you can obtain your driver's history in one of four ways from the DMV.

  • Online NY Driver's Record: The NY DMV offers your driver's history online,  only offered to those who haven't had a recent address change. You will need your license for input on the site, and will be required to pay the appropriate $10 fee by credit card.
  • Driver's Record via Phone Call: To request your New York driver's record by phone, call 1-518-486-9786 during the daily hours of operation. You will need your driver's license and credit card handy.
  • Driver's Record via Mail: To request your record by mail, complete and send form MV-15 with a photocopy proof of identification. Your fees and documents must be sent to the address displayed on the application.
  • Records In-Person: You can get an immediate copy of your driver's record from the New York DMV office in-person. You will need to provide proof of identity and submit the Form MV-15C, prove you have authority to access the report by DPPA standards, and pay the appropriate fee.
You can also request your New York driver's record when you renew your driver's license by simply checking within the blue box and submitting the form with the abstract fee.

Why Should You Check Your NY Driver's Abstract?

There are many different reasons why it is a wise decision to view your driver's abstract regularly. You need to know what is present within these records to ensure you are taking the best preventative and proactive steps to keeping and maintaining a clean record – otherwise, your options dwindle, insurance rates rise, and your driver's credibility goes out the door.

  • Check your license status, including suspension, revocation
  • Check for points and present violations
  • See traffic tickets, violations, and fines you have incurred
  • View auto accidents
  • Find license classification and any endorsements applied

Your Insurance Depends on History

To drive in New York, you must have auto insurance, and to obtain auto insurance, you must be able to prove your credibility behind the wheel. If you are a first time driver, of course you may not have a driver's record yet, but that presents a higher risk to insurance providers, which means a higher rate. As time goes on, that rate can lower with the good history that you build, or increase with poor history and many points or violations.

  • The best way to keep your insurance low and to collect the amazing bonuses and incentives offered today by insurers, it is essential that your driver's record remains as clean as possible, displaying unmarred driving habits, proper driving patterns, and appropriate behaviors behind the wheel – thus building your credit and decreasing your risk to insurance companies.
See what's in your driving record - check the status of your license.