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NY Replace Registration

If you have recently found that your vehicle registration card was lost or may have been stolen, you must immediately replace your NY registration to avoid traffic tickets or penalties for driving without it. The New York DMV offers great options to make it a very easy and very quick process to replace your registration in NY.

Whether you are missing the registration card or sticker, you are going to receive both when you apply for a duplicate registration in New York, meaning that you only have to go through one process to get the proof of registration you need.

Apply for NY Duplicate Registration Online

New York is one state that offers a great deal of driver services online -- including replacement registration in NY. If you are interested in replacing your registration online with the New York DMV, you can visit Duplicate Vehicle Registration  which also provides you with the requirements and instructions you need to proceed through the system.

  • Provide license plate number.
  • Provide vehicle class.
  • Provide name, zip code, and email address used for confirmation.
  • Pay $3 with major credit card.
  • Print your confirmation receipt for proof of transaction.
If you haven’t received the duplicate registration, you can use the confirmation receipt for referencing with the DMV in order to determine what the delay could possibly be.

You can expect the duplicate registration card and sticker to arrive within 2 weeks or sooner.

Replacing NY Registration In-Person

If you would rather obtain your registration card and sticker immediately, the DMV office is the best way to go. Visiting the office in person will provide you with a simple process that leads to the quickest retrieval of your replacement registration in New York.

  • Complete your Registration/Title Application.
  • Show your driver’s license.
  • Pay $3 replacement registration fee.
This is the best option for those that often get tickets and don’t want to risk driving without proof of registration -- as it could result in a ticket and other penalties that are best avoided.

Obtain Duplicate Registration by Mail

The mail-in option is just as simple as the others, with a process that is easy to follow and doesn’t involve too much work on your part.

NYSDMV Port Jefferson Office

3 Roads Plaza

1055 Route 112

Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

You can expect your registration card and stickers to arrive by mail within 2 or less weeks. Until it arrives, it is best to be as careful as you can be while driving to avoid getting pulled over, as you can receive a citation for not having these documents. If you are missing the registration sticker, it is best to do as little driving as possible until your new stickers arrive and can be affixed to your vehicle.