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NY Registration Renewal

Registration renewal in New York can be completed with just a few steps, all which ensure that you are able to renew your registration as quickly as possible. You have various methods available for renewing registration in New York, whether you decide to go to the DMV personally or renew online or by mail. There are various requirements regulating how and when you can renew your license, with various forms that may be needed, depending on your situation.

Check Your New York Registration Status

  • Your vehicle registration in New York will expire every other year, while your smog and safety inspection only remains valid for one year. If you don't maintain an updated smog and safety inspection report, you won't be able to renew your registration in New York when it is time.
Renewing NY Registration

  • In order to park your vehicle legally on New York streets, as well as operate the vehicle within the state, you must have valid registration first. You are also required to maintain a current auto insurance policy. Each time you renew your registration, it is a good idea to compare insurance quotes to determine whether a cheaper policy is out there for you.
First-Time Registration

  • When you first receive the vehicle, whether purchased or inherited, or if you have recently moved to New York, you must complete a first-time registration which can only be done in the DMV office. To determine what steps you must take, visit 4dmv.com's Registration page for New York.
Registration of Non-Operated Vehicle

Not all vehicles are always in operation. If you have a vehicle that is currently out of commission or not used due to deployment or the use of another vehicle, you don't have to maintain registration of the vehicle.

  1. Cancel the vehicle's registration and remove the vehicle from your auto policy – or just cancel the insurance if it is the only vehicle covered.
  2. Surrender your license plates to DMV office or by mail. Don't forget to get your receipt.
  3. Any personalized plates surrendered will be stored for later use, while standard plates are destroyed.
  4. As soon as you are ready to re-register the vehicle, bring your plate surrender receipt and return to the office your surrendered your plates to.
Check NY Renewal Notice

  • When it is time to renew your registration, you will know. The New York DMV will send a renewal notice by mail to the address you have recorded on file, at least 45 to 60 days before the expiration date for your registration. This notice will also detail how and when you must complete registration renewal in order to maintain valid registration for your vehicle.
  • Even if you don't get your renewal notice, you are still permitted to renew your registration using either the mail, internet, or in-person options, but license suspension will prevent you from continuing your renewal process.
  • Even if it isn't time to renew your vehicle's registration in New York, you are still required to complete the annual emissions and safety inspection, which must be done before you are able to get your registration renewed. Use your renewal notice as a friendly reminder that it may be time to have your vehicle inspected.
Determine Fees for Renewal

  • The fees for registration of your vehicle will be determined by the weight of your vehicle. These fees typically remain between $26.00 and $140.00, with other services and conditions affecting your fees as well.
  • If you fail to renew your registration by the expiration date, you won't incur any extra late fees or any type of penalties, however, your next registration expiration date will be congruent with the initial date, which means that the longer you wait to register, the less time you have until your next renewal.
New York Registration Renewal Online

If you haven't had an address change since your last registration in New York, you can utilize the online service provided by the New York DMV to renew your registration very quickly and easily.

  1. Visit Renew your Registration
  2. Ensure cookies are enabled on your internet browser.
  3. Have your email address handy. Make sure that you aren't blocking your confirmation email from the DMV.
  4. Provide your license plate number and the registration class code.
  5. Pay the registration fee with a major credit card only.
Your new registration will arrive by mail within 2 weeks.

NY Registration Renewal In-Person

Whether you aren't able to utilize the online renewal service or just rather go in-person to complete the process, you can always visit the DMV office yourself to complete the process in-person.

  1. Bring your renewal notice.
  2. If you cannot find your notice, download or obtain form MV-82
  3. Complete and sign the form appropriately and submit to DMV.
  4. Pay your fees by cash, check, money order, or major credit card.
New York does allow you to send another person to renew your registration for you, provided they have all the appropriate documents.

Make sure that you have your smog and safety inspection report with you or have it completed and sent to the DMV by the inspecting office before you attempt to renew your registration, no matter which method you choose.

Renewal of NY Registration by Mail

There is a simple process that you can complete to renew your registration entirely by mail.

  1. Collect Form MV-82, Form MV-82.1, and Form ID-82  and complete them in the appropriate spaces.
  2. Calculate the appropriate fees based on the weight of the vehicle and any type of personalized or custom plates if any. Remember that your personalized plate annual fee must be multiplied by 2 for the appropriate amount.
  3. Write a check or include a money order for the registration fees applied.
  4. If you cannot accurately calculate the fees, leave the amount of your check blank and write it out to “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles”. You will receive a receipt that indicates the amount charged.
  5. Mail your forms and fees to:
NYSDMV Port Jefferson Office

3 Roads Plaza

1055 Route 112

Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

Renew NY Registration by Phone

If you don't mind an additional $5 fee, you can even choose to renew your NY registration by phone.

  1. Have your renewal notice or actual registration card in front of you.
  2. Have a major credit card in front of you ready for payment.
  3. Call the NY DMV at 1-518-402-4838 following automated instructions.
Your registration will arrive within the following 2 weeks.

Affix Registration Stickers to Vehicle

  • If you choose to renew your registration in-person, you will instantly receive your stickers. However, all other options will require that you wait for the stickers to arrive by mail. You must follow the package directions in order to make sure that you affix your expiration tabs properly so they are visible and remain in place.
  • If you haven't received your new registration, you must contact the DMV either by phone or in-person. The DMV customer call center is always available to help you determine the cause for delay and the steps you need to take so you can update your registration.
Receive Your Tax Bonus

  • In the state of New York, your registration fees are based mainly on the weight of the vehicle, which doesn't allow you to obtain the IRS issued tax credit for your registration fees.
Staying Safe

  • When you are renewing your registration, why not take the time to inquire about the driver training classes available that can remove points from your driving record while providing you with stronger skills in driving. If you are interested in attending one of these courses, there are several resources provided by the New York DMV to help you out. You may also want to consider a road safety assistance service that can ensure you are never alone if you encounter an issue with your vehicle.