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NY Personalized Plates

When you register a vehicle in New York, you can order the plates that you most want to grace your vehicle. If you don't want the anonymous plates that are assigned to drivers who choose the $15 classic New York Empire State plates, you could choose to personalize the tags on your vehicle with New York personalized plates. Any cars and trucks receiving plates will be issued two plates, one for the rear and one for the front, while motorcycles and trailers are only issued one plate.
  • Personalized plates in New York are different from the special plates that are provided to disabled drivers in order to provide them eligibility to park in disabled parking assigned spaces. For more information about these special plates for disabled drivers, visit the FAQ page online.
  • New York personalized plates provide you with the opportunity to create a more unique style for your vehicle, putting something that means more than some random plate that you were issued based on your place in line. Instead, you can choose from special interests, special characters, and special logos that you wish to have detailing your plates as you drive through New York state. There are different types of personalized plates in NY, including the picture, personalized, and historical plates, also called vintage plates. If you aren't sure what type of personalization you wish to apply to your plates, visit Look Up and Order Personalized Plates with the option to purchase your plates online as well.

Personalized New York Plates

  • You can choose personalized plates from the New York DMV for a base fee of $60, and an additional annual fee of $31.25. These plates can even be ordered with a maximum of 8 characters for any standard Empire State NY plates, or a maximum of 6 characters for any picture plates you may choose. Since motorcycles must only have one plate affixed, the base cost is $35, with an additional annual fee of $18.75. There are various NY DMV standard guidelines, found online, which dictate the combination of characters that is appropriate for your personalized plates – with no offensive combinations honored.
  • You can use Look Up and Order Personalized Plates to determine whether the combination you have chosen is acceptable by the DMV, or you could call 1-518-402-4838, in order to inquire by phone and even pay through both methods for the combination you chose if available.
  • While you must surrender standard plates, you can transfer personalized plates to a new vehicle, replace these plates if they happen to be damaged, and store the plates with the DMV if you allow your insurance to remain lapsed or have chosen not to put the vehicle on the road.

New York Picture Plates

There are several pictures and logos offered by the New York DMV that can be applied to your personalized license plates in New York, which are related to various groups and organizations throughout the state and United States – even globally. There are various prices for these plates depending on the pictures or logos you choose, with most costing a base fee of $60 and an additional $31.25 fee each year as long as you hold these plates. These pictures plates may also be personalized with your chosen character combination with a maximum of 6 characters allowed, which will cost a higher fee both initially and annually. However, you can expect costs to be about $91.25 for a base fee and $62.50 each year for the duration of your holding these personalized plates.

The following links can show you just what is offered in terms of picture and logo plates, with prices and requirements as well as the application process detailed for you:

NY Historical/Vintage Plates

Have a classic vehicle you have put a great deal of time and sweat into in order to create the ultimate restoration to bring to all the auto shows in town? Still have that 80's purchase you made when you were entering or exiting college or just getting your first family type vehicle and never quite found a reason to take it off the roads? Well, if your vehicle is 25 model years old or more, it is considered to be a historical vehicle in New York, with even new vehicles offered these plates if there is some sort of historic, classic, or exhibit type value to the vehicle.

  • All New York historical plates are issued with a five digit number that will precede or proceed the letters “HX”. This is a registration option that is only offered to vehicles used in exhibits, social club events, tours, parades, and other similar activities.
  • If you would like to apply for historic plates in New York, you can sign Form MV-440H in the space indicated for the owner's certification statement, with full instructions on the form itself. These plates cost a base fee of $25, with an additional fee of $3.75 for replacement registration of a vehicle already registered in your name. If you are getting first-time registration for the vehicle, the cost for the plates will be the $25 base fee with an additional $53.75 fee. If the vehicle is a 1973 or later model, add another $50 fee if there is no title yet issued for the vehicle in your name.
  • If your vehicle is considered a classic/historical vehicle in New York based on state standards, vintage plates can also be purchased for the vehicle, which can be done through a variety of vendors, including flea markets, personal sellers, and auto collectors as well. In order to apply these plates to your vehicle, you will simply obtain the original plates – with no replicas accepted – bringing with you to the local DMV with a completed Form MV-440V, which you can print from Vintage Licence Plates. The form will have all the instructions you need to complete the process.
  • With historical or vintage plates, your registration is only going to remain valid for 1 year instead of 2, and special insurance is also required.

Surrendering New York Plates

If you ever decide to love out of New York to another state, you cannot take your plates with you. You must surrender the plates to the DMV, which can be done in person or by mail. If you choose to bring your plates in to the DMV office, you will be required to pay a $1 fee, however you can mail the plates at no charge to the following address:

Riverhead Office – NYSDMV

200 Old Country Road – Route 58

Riverhead, NY 11901

Driving without liability insurance in New York is against the law and can cause your registration and license to be suspended for quite some time. If your insurance coverage does happen to lapse, you must surrender your plates – even personalized plates – to the DMV before the lapse or before much time has passed. Also, if you sell the vehicle and do not wish to transfer the plats, or if your vehicle is donated to a New York charity, even if you are just taking the vehicle out of commission, the plates should first be surrendered.

No matter how you surrender the plates, don't forget to request the FS-6T receipt to document your transaction.

For resources offering more information about these plates, you can follow the following links: