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Changing your New York address can be so easy when you know just what options are out there for New York residents. It is also an important step that must be taken if you do find yourself moving to a new location within the state – as it provides the New York DMV with the appropriate address needed for documentation, records, and mailing information for all those important notices and even plates, registration, and titles.

Notifying the New York DMV of Your Address Change

There are important guidelines set forth by the NYDMV to ensure that you correctly process an address change anytime you move or seek temporary residence at an address that is other than what the DMV has on file for you.

  • There is a maximum time limit of 10 days within which you must notify the DMV of your new address.
  • Your New York address change must be done by phone, mail, or in-person within the local DMV office. However, there are no address changes offered by email.
  • If you are obtaining other DMV services online, such as registration renewals or duplicates or any photo documentation, you must first make the appropriate address change and then proceed with other services to ensure that the change is reflected on all necessary DMV documents.
  • If you provide the DMV with your new address either during the renewal or replacement of registration or title documents, or if you provide the address change during the renewal or replacement of your driver’s license, the changes will not be reflected on the other documents, therefore the change must be made before any of these actions are taken.
Change of Address on Current DMV Documentation

If you have current NYDMV documents that must reflect your address change, you can simply write the new address on the documents yourself. There is a space available on the rear of the driver’s license, driver’s permit, and New York ID card, which you may write the new address in. For changing the address on your current registration, you can simply cross out the current address displayed and write the new one in its place.

*Remember to never change the address on your title certificate yourself; this change must be done by the DMV. If you decide to write your new address on the title, it will no longer be valid, as it is only valid displaying the previous address.

Reporting Address Change to New York DMV
  • Reporting your new address to the DMV is necessary and can be done in various ways. If you are attempting to add your new address to your photo document or registration records, you can use the online New York change of address application found at www.nydmv.state.ny.us/mydmv.htm#wadc, or you could choose to print and submit Form MV-232, New York Change of Address form.
Changing New York Address Online
  • If you are looking for an immediate change of address for your license, permit, ID card, or even your New York registration records, the process online is so easy to use. You simply create a MYDMV account and follow the instructions at Immediate change of address.
  • Note: No corporation, business, or any other organization recognized by the state is able to process their change of address for vehicle registration through the online application. The Form MV-232 must be used and submitted by mail or in-person to the New York DMV.
  • *Changing the address for both your license and registration in new York at the same time must be done through Form MV-232 and submitted direction to the DMV, or you could call the New York DMV Customer Call Center.
Change of Address by Mail
  • The Form MV-232 can be used for changes of address by mail for DMV records, including license, permits, ID cards, and your New York vehicle registration.
  • If you want a new driver’s license, permit, or photo ID card that shows your new address, there is a box on the form that you can mark, with a fee required as well. The new documents that you order will be processed and sent to you by postal mail within 6-8 weeks. Without marking the designated box or paying the appropriate fee, you will only have your records changed, but will not receive any new documents until you have renewed or replaced.
  • The Form MV-232 will not provide you with a new registration document displaying the new address, but you can order your registration with the change displayed by phone.
Change of Address by Phone
  • In order to change your New York address by phone, you can contact the appropriate DMV call center, which you can find contact details at  Telephone Call Centers which will provide you with all the necessary contact information.
  • Before you give the DMV a call, make sure you have your ID card or driver’s license handy so you can prove who you are. No business, corporation, or organization of any kind is able to make their address changes for registration of vehicles by phone, must use the form, and report in office or mail to the appropriate address.
  • Using the call center, you can change the address of driver’s licenses, permit, and photo ID card records, as well as your registration records. There will be no fee processed unless you decide that you wish to order your DMV records with the change displayed.
Ordering New Documents to Display Address Change

If you decide that you wish to order your photo documents as well as your registration showing the change of address, you can expect them to arrive within 2 weeks. Payment will be an additional $5 for phone order per document ordered, as well as the appropriate document fee:

  • License or Permit: $17.50
  • 4 or 8 year photo ID: $8
  • 10 year ID $6.50
  • 10 year ID for seniors over 62 receiving SSI: Free
  • Each registration document: $3
Payments can be made to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles by cash, credit card, or money order.