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Replace Lost Title

Replacement of Lost Title

The title of your car is one of those important documents of which special care should be taken, but if they get damaged or lost then what should you do? The answer to this question is highlighted in a step to step guide provided here, at 4DMV.com. This guide includes all the information concerning the places to visit, forms to fill and other important details.

If you intend to sell your car then sadly you cannot even do that without having the title of the car, thus it is very important to get a replacement in case of any mishap. Just follow the instructions provided by us and get back the title. Fees details will also be mentioned so that you set your budget before starting. You may need your Bill of Sale to assist in replacing your lost title, so try to have this on hand.

For almost every state an online form is provided in their respective pages, all you will have to do is download that application form and fill it out to get the duplicate certificate of the lost title. On the other hand we tell you what to mention in the form so that you won’t miss a single important line. You may also want to consider getting your Vehicle History Reports if you are replacing your lost title.

Proof of your original Bill of Sale maybe also be needed. On the same page you will be told about where to mail the form and with what fees, this information will contain a post box and address details of the respective DMV. All the possible fees sending procedures will be told, that are acceptable by the department.

If you want to sell your car and you are in a rush, then some states’ DMV offer a rush services for few more bucks which then allows you to receive the duplicate within 3 days. Some of the states’ DMV also require a title report to be filled out for the lost, stolen or destroyed title along with the transfer application form. If that is the case with your state you will even get the report form from our website.

Your vehicle’s title is one of those important documents that you need to have protected, keep it in a safe place along with your other documents