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Other Special Vehicles

Other Special Vehicles

When you are thinking of the DMV and all its various services, you are typically thinking of those standard vehicles that you would drive, such as cars and trucks, and even small sized vans. However, that is not the extent of the vehicles that are catered to through the DMV, with a variety of special vehicles considered to be the other vehicles in the United States.

ATV’s and Other Off-Road Vehicles

All – Terrain Vehicles or ATV’s as they are more commonly referred, are great fun for those of various ages, with some ATV’s even available to underage drivers. There are different off-road vehicles as well that people enjoy ting to the woods, fields, and other areas of the state that are void of streets. However, regardless of where these vehicles are operated, you must follow the DMV regulations when it comes to documenting the vehicle, with registration possible if the vehicle meets the states standards.

  • Determine the type of ATV or off-road vehicle that you have and the requirements for registration in .
  • Determine the various types of registration offered for these vehicles to determine the appropriate type for yours if required.
  • Ensure that you only operate the off-road vehicle or ATV in areas designated and legal, with registration on those areas where registered operation is required.
  • A title may be required for your off-road vehicle, so check with the DMV to ensure you carry the appropriate proof of ownership.
  • Out-of-state operated ATV’s and off-road vehicles will not need registration, titling, or a license within the state of .
  • Determine licensing requirements so you aren’t breing the law by operating your ATV or off-road vehicle without the proper license.

Me sure that if your vehicle requires registration, you are aware of the fees associated, the renewal process, and replacement options and costs if you ever need it.

Custom and Home-Made Trailers in

Even though you may have a customized trailer, or one that is home-made with or without a kit, it will still need proper registration and titling if dictated by the DMV.

  1. Obtain the appropriate photographs, showing the trailer from all sides.
  2. Include any images that show the tow hitch chains and lighting found on the trailer.
  3. Complete your Certificate of Title application, as well as the appropriate custom-made vehicle forms.
  4. Submit proof of ownership with any Bill of Sale to prove a sale of the vehicle and transfer of ownership.
  5. Pay your titling fee, with any sales tax and registration costs for the trailer.

Check with the DMV to determine annual registration fees, renewal schedules, and other requirements for maintaining a title and registration over these vehicles.

Other Resources for Registration of Other Special Vehicles

If you aren’t sure what type of vehicle you own, what the requirements are, and whether or not registration is required, you can check with the DMV to see what regulations are in place. From motorhomes/RV to custom cars and even boats, you can get all the registration information that you need from 4DMV.com. Check back with our special vehicles division of our page for updated infomation often.