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Boat Registration


If you are planning to buy a boat then without an option you will have to get it registered as well. You cannot compromise with such situations but still they are very tough to handle, under such circumstances there are two possible solutions, the first is to follow precise guidance and the second is to stop thinking about a boat. You don’t need to dread the thought of the second option because you are lucky enough to get the first.

Here at 4DMV we give you precise information on the procedure of registering a boat, first of all you should know that unlike cars the DMV doesn’t oversees boats’ registrations and there is a separate authority for it, which differs in different state. The DMV will be in charge of other special vehicles, such as custom built cars, hot roads, RVs, just to name a few. For some of the states these papers are managed by the fish and game authority whereas for the other states they are administered by the parks department. Our state to state directory will help you to navigate to your home state’s page and let you learn all about the boat registration process which you are bound to complete.

This process might seem very difficult but on the contrary it only takes few minutes to get rid of it, your job is to print the downloadable form for your state from the respective page and fill it out in the correct manner, guided by us. This saves you the time to rove around the town finding the correct place to get the same material and most importantly at your work hours.

Our boat registration guides doesn’t limit to this knowledge but it also helps you know about the fee expenses and the contact information so that you may settle your budget and dial to the concerned authority in case of any unsolved queries. Usually the fee depends on the length of a boat, the size of the motor, etc. With us you don’t compromise with the negative but win the positive. For information on other special vehicles, click back to our main page.