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Renew Registration

Vehicle Registration Renewal

Renewing your registration is easier than registering your vehicle for the first time. Different states have different laws of vehicle registration renewal, which may either bound you for annual registration renewal or allow you to renew once every several years. Most often  renewals can be done online however first time registrations may require a trip to the local office.

This would also be a good time to explore getting a personalized plate if you decide you would like one. This can be taken care of at the same time you are obtaining or renewing your car’s license plates.  Once on your state’s DMV page you will see the costs of renewing or obtaining new plates.

Generally these are the steps to getting registered:

  • Determining the status of your registration
  • Checking your renewal notice
  • Calculating the fees
  • Renewing online (if available for your state)
  • Affixing the new stickers
  • Getting a tax deduction

Choose your state to find state specific information.