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Driving internationally? Are you looking for expedited IDP services? Wondering if maybe you require the use of a passport or if the International Driving Permit is adequate for your overseas travel? International drivers have a lot to learn before taking to the roads out of the country, which is why you should have a reliable source of all the information that you could need. Similiar to International Drivers, returning Military Drivers and those International Drivers looking to get a Motorcycle License may face additional tests and forms to get licensed.

A license for international drivers is a bit different than a license for resident drivers. A passport is required for those traveling out of the country, but when driving, are you aware of the requirements? The IDP, or International Driving Permit, is a form of a driver’s license that can be translated by officials from over 150 different countries worldwide. There is a simple application procedure, $15 fee in addition to any shipping and handling costs incurred, and various requirements and terms of use.

How to Obtain IDP

There are two organizations that are authorized to provide you with an International Driving Permit—American Automobile Association (AAA) or National Automobile Club (NAC). These two organizations have different application procedures, which you should learn more about, including their online services and the forms available to download. There are various requirements for the IDP, which you should learn more about before applying.

Getting a license for driving internationally can provide you with the freedom to travel the roads that you always envision while in the states. While travelling out of the country, it is just best that you are able to enjoy the same driving privileges that you enjoy here.

Always remember that although you have the IDP, you are still required to hold your valid driver’s license as the IDP is not a valid alternative for your driver’s license. Driving internationally carries many rules, laws, guidelines, and standards, which are much different from what you are used to in the states. To catch up on international driving laws and requirements, as well as to get the information you need to obtain IDP or your passport, visit 4DMV.com, which only saves you time and connects you to the most trusted and needed resources for different licensed drivers.