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Lemon Law

Lemon Law

When the purchase of a new vehicle goes sour, it is an emotional experience for its owner. There is help that as an owner of a new car that has gone bad you need to know and 4DMV.com expert researchers have compiled all the specific information you need pertaining to your state. You do have rights under the law and there is no reason why you must be stuck with a lemon.

4DMV.com has compiled all the information you need to know in an easy to read guide. We cut through the legal jargon and bring you the information in terms you can understand.

Each state has specific guidelines and regulations. However, the design of Lemon Laws in most states is for the state to be the mediator between the vehicle owner and the auto manufacturer. This means that the state will act on your behalf to have the car repaired, replaced or your money refunded.

There are steps to the procedure that you must be aware of when filing your vehicle as a lemon. 4DMV.com will take you through each step in an easy to follow manner through our Lemon Law guide. Learn how to file a claim, how long you have, how to show burden of proof and so on. There is a time frame that owners of new vehicles that have gone bad must submit the necessary requirements by, or they will be stuck with that lemon forever.

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