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Auto Warranties

Whether buying a new car or a used car auto warranties are something that each consumer needs to be aware of.  It’s important to understand the fine print of your vehicle warranty.  Most manufacturers have very robust warranties these days, and it’s important to remember your warranty may extend over 5 or more years.  Understanding  your new or used auto warranty  is one of the most important aspects of buying a new car or used car.

A warranty is something that can save you thousands of dollars throughout the lifetime of your ownership of the vehicle. You can also verify the warranty by checking the VIN Record History of the vehicle. By knowing your options and the different warranties available you are protecting yourself and possibly eliminating financial burden should you purchase a high maintenance vehicle.

In this section you will learn about:

Extended Warranties: 4DMV.com covers what extended warranties are and what they mean to you. Learn how extended warranties can help you to eliminate or lessen high costly repairs. Understand that extended warranties are an option when purchasing a vehicle and not something that automatically comes with the vehicle.

Transferring an Extended Warranty: You will learn how to transfer an extended warranty provided it is transferable when it comes time to sell your car. Learn how to verify information with the warranty provider and more!

Dealer Warranties: Dealer warranties are provided by the dealership in which you purchase your vehicle. Dealer warranties are service contracts that often have superior stability. To learn more simply access 4DMV.com guide on extended warranties.

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