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WI Vehicle Code

If you think that the driver’s manual is the only publication you are going to need to review before getting on the road, think again. The WISCONSIN Vehicle Code is just as important and offers a bit more into the traffic laws and legislations of the state than the handbook will offer. In fact, every single traffic and safety law imposed on drivers in the state is described in the legal jargon, so you get the most complete description of every law that affects you as you drive in the state – no matter what type of license you hold or the type of vehicle you operate.

If the state offers access to the Vehicle Code online, be sure to take advantage as you will get the download at home, which can then be printed and studied – especially if you are facing a traffic conviction or case, or even an administrative review.

  • The WI Vehicle Code contains several different chapters, which contain various codes used by the state DMV in correlation with drivers.
  • All vehicle and traffic laws are explained in legal terms.
  • There is a full traffic ticket and violation description and explanation as well as descriptions of court process.

The Vehicle Code is so important to driving, providing you with all the information you should know before you think about putting the pedal to the metal.

Contents of the WISCONSIN Vehicle Code

As the most important DMV publication offered to WI drivers, there is a great deal of content to the publication, which includes several chapters with laws depicting:

  • Trailer and Truck Loads (Oversize/Overweight)
  • Permit requirements and regulations
  • Traffic violations and consequences
  • License suspension, revocation, cancellation
  • Vehicle titling and registration
  • Licensing
  • Identification accepted by DMV
  • Fees for licensing
  • Ignition Interlocking Device
  • Temporary vehicle documents
  • Antique and classic vehicles
  • Definitions of different types of vehicles
  • Plate applications and expiration
  • Odometer readings
  • Title transfers

You should never confuse the Vehicle Code with the WI Driver’s Handbook, as they are two different DMV publications and should be treated as such. The Vehicle Code is of much more use to you if you are approaching a traffic court appearance of if you have been summoned to a DMV administrative hearing.

If you need help understanding the Vehicle Code, don’t hesitate to seek the advice of an WI traffic attorney, who can, if nothing else, decipher the codes for you.


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