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As you are issued a Washington driver’s license, you accept the terms and conditions of such. You accept the responsibility for your actions on the roads of Washington, and agree to comply with the various laws that are in place within the state, governing the many drivers in the state. However, if you aren’t sure what laws affect you and what rules you must follow, or how to handle legal situations in the state you could end up doing a lot more than you should, and losing a lot more than you have to.

DUI/DWI Laws in Washington

Washington DUI laws are much like other states, with a maximum BAC limit of 0.08% allowed before a DUI charge is pursued. If you are convicted of a DUI offense, the penalties could be so damaging to your driver’s license and records in Washington, causing you to have a great deal of problems when it is time to reinstate your license, obtain new employment, or seek out driver privileges, as well as auto insurance rates you can afford.

The Washington Implied Consent Law requires that you submit to BAC testing when stopped by law enforcement, to which there is no exception. Even if you aren’t impaired, don’t feel impaired, haven’t consumed a great deal of alcohol, or just feel as if the stop is unwarranted, your license will be automatically revoked if you should say no to a BAC test.

If you are stopped for a DUI and have been charged with a Washington DUI, you should immediately:

  • Explore your legal aid options, including lawyers throughout the state that can offer a great deal of help when it comes to representing yourself and presenting your case. If you feel that you weren’t impaired or that you were treated unfairly, a Washington DUI lawyer is the best source of help for you.

Personal Injury Attorneys

If you are ever injured on Washington roads, you can seek help from Washington personal injury lawyers, who will fight your case and ensure that you are compensated appropriately based on the charges you face. If you choose not to utilize the help of an attorney, you may find that your compensation is much less satisfying than you expected.

Finding an attorney in Washington isn’t difficult, with several resources on the net to help you choose a lawyer that can provide adequate representation, no matter what traffic case you may be facing.

Washington Driver Guide

Don’t forget that the Washington driver guide is available to help you understand laws and rules in the state for drivers. You should always look to this resource for the Washington traffic law information that is needed to prevent violations and increase your awareness of the various laws in the state.

To get a copy of the Washington driver’s guide, you can drop by the Washington Department of Licensing in order to pick up a free copy, with a free copy also offered online.

There are guides for commercial, standard, and motorcycle drivers to make sure you understand the license you hold and the responsibilities that pertain to you exactly.


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