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What are DMV driving records good for? There are several things that are reflected through DMV driving records, especially when you wish to check the status of your Washington driverís license. If at any time you just arenít sure of whether or not your license is current or valid, such as if you encountered a traffic infraction and have lost track of the ticket and penalties, then you can simply request your driverís record and see all the information that you need. If your license has been suspended or revoked, your report will show you when and why, also indicating the points that are applied to your record and, with some reports, even your previous traffic accidents or incidents.

Where to Get Washington DMV Driving Records

If you want to order your DMV records in Washington, you can visit the Department of Licensing in your county, which releases these records to individuals, as well as employers who complete the appropriate DMV Driving Records Request form, found online.

All in all, the Washington DOL will issue reports to the following parties if ordered:

  • Drivers interested in personal driving records
  • Employers interested in employee DMV records
  • Agents for employers performing employee screening
  • School districts requesting records of employees
  • Others with legitimate requests and needs for records

The form will allow the driver to authorize their records to be sent to the approved recipients, for a fee of $10 per driver record requested.

Employer DMV Driving Records

Washington MVRs, or DMV records, provide a complete or limited history, depending on the report ordered and the source, for a variety of reasons. Whether seeking to learn about previous violations or current status of the license, a personís driving history can say a lot more than just a driverís license.

You can choose to go directly through the Washington Department of Licensing to obtain your DMV driving records, or you could utilize one of the many sources online for instant DMV records. The fees can differ from source to source, with different records also offered.

For businesses seeking employer DMV driving records in Washington to perform the necessary employee screenings, these records are offered in bulk or individually for various costs from both the Washington DOL and the many sources online.

What the DMV Records Show

You can find a lot through Washington DMV records, which usually contain the following information:

  • Traffic violations from current to 5 years prior
  • DUI/DWI offenses within past 15 years
  • Prosecutions previously deferred
  • Failure to Pay or Appear
  • Traffic collisions
  • DOL disciplinary actions including suspension and revocation

How to Request Washington DMV Records

In order to request your Washington DMV records, or that of your employee or employees, you must complete the DMV Driving Records Request form, attach your $10 payment, and send to:

Department of Licensing
Driver Records Section
P.O. Box 9048
Olympia, WA 98507-9048

If you choose one of the sources online, follow the on-screen directions and pay the appropriate fee in order to obtain your records instantly online.

See what's in your DMV records - check the status of your license.

To find a Washington DMV near you, visit https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/dolprod/dsdoffices/.

See what's in your driving record - check the status of your license.


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