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WA Voter Registration

Very similar to other U.S. state DMV’s, the Washington Department of Licensing offers the chance to register to vote in Washington as you get your state driver’s license or identification card. This is the way that the Washington DOL can ensure that all citizens are able to put their opinion forward to politics and their community.

Voting is a right that we should all strive to take advantage of, as it is the only way we have our say in what is done within the politics of the U.S. and the state. There are very few reasons why you cannot vote, and if you are given the right, you should use it. The process is simple enough that you don’t have to hassle at all.

The DOL does have some guidelines, only processing your Washington voter’s registration if the following applies to you:

  • You are a current resident of Washington
  • You are a U.S. citizen
  • You have never been convicted of a felony
  • You will be at least age 18 at the time of the next election

Once you have completed voter registration in Washington, you will only have to update information in the event that you change residences to another county. You will simply complete the same process; with the old voter’s registration will be canceled automatically.

You can get the Washington Voter Registration form offered by the Secretary of State online

You will have the option of choosing from seven foreign languages as well, which can be found online at Elections and Voting

You can then send this form to the following address:

            Office of the Secretary of State
            Voter Registration by Mail
            P.O. Box 40230
            Olympia, WA 98504-0230

Once you register to vote with the DOL, you will be able to cast your ballot at either state, county, or even national ballots, which is a great reason as you make a difference. If you ever feel that your vote doesn’t count, you can consider the vote being a tie breaker, in which point it decides the vote altogether. This is just how much of an influence you really have in elections and democratic decisions, as you are a valuable citizen that can shape the future for yourself and your family.

Next time you renew your license or apply for a license or ID card in Washington, make sure that you also register for voting in Washington as well.


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