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Washington certainly is a wonderful place to live, and those within welcome you as you enter the state.

There is a great deal of attraction to Washington, which residents to the state can enjoy through various cities and towns, great forests of thick flora and abundant fauna, various waterways winding their ways through the state, and mountains that really claim fame to the state. Some of these mountains are actually volcanoes that are still active – yes, perhaps adding excitement to Washington life.

No matter what you are looking for, you are bound to find great things in Washington, with top rated education, nature that all can take in, booming tourism and even wonderful homes that are surely something special. However, before you can enjoy all the greatness within the state, DMV.com wants to first ensure that you know what steps to take in order to become a licensed driver and obtain all information needed for transitioning into the state.

The Washington Department of Licensing is the main go-to point for most of all matters concerning drivers and their vehicles. This includes for businesses, as there are professional and business licenses offered through the DOL. Almost all counties have their own vehicle licensing office, which handles titles, registration, and other vehicle matters, as well as a vehicle services office that handles licensing and other similar driver matters.

These are the offices that will handle your tasks including:

  • Applying for Washington driver’s license
  • Applying for Washington CDL
  • Washington vehicle registration
  • Washington boat registration
  • Obtaining driver and vehicle forms
  • Registering to vote

For an Enhanced Driver’s License or ID card in Washington, you will instead visit a County EDL/EID Office Locations

These cards provide you with a passport alternative when re-entering the United States by land or sea.

You should remember that Washington auto insurance is the best way for private drivers to obtain financial responsibility and ensure that they are protected from penalties on the roadways. The Washington Driver’s Guide is a great resource used to ensure that you will be fully sure of all that goes on as you drive in the state.  Visit and download a copy of the Washington Driver’s Handbook.

 while there are others offered as well for the different types of drivers in the state.

Washington New Resident Guide

You should know a little bit about the state you are moving to, as there is a history in Washington that definitely adds to its great nature and charm. You will also need information to help you find the right schools and venues within the state, which is why 4DMV.com is a good source of information.

The history of Washington can be traced back to the famous explorers, Lewis and Clark, who have been read about and studied in school for decades past. Looking for a Pacific water route, they ventured through 11 separate states, with 1805 perhaps holding the greatest bit of history for these travels in Washington. Bringing the “Corps of Discovery”, they discovered the Snake River. The area of Washington was highly populated by Native Americans, with the heritage of Washington proving so.

The tribes that once resided in the area are long gone, but not forgotten, as many cities of Washington are named after these tribes, such as Puyallup and Walla Walla. The Indians weren’t the only to take in the area and make it a name, as the fur trade became very strong within Washington as well. In 1853 Washington was separated from Oregon, preceding the designation from territory to state in 1889.

The area has always been abundant in resources, and continues to do so even with great industrial growth, as natural preservation is a key concern throughout the state.

Tourism in Washington

Even Washington’s own residents enjoy touring the state, finding new discoveries hidden within the state. There are several highlights of the state, including:

  • Walla Walla
  • Seattle
  • Mount St. Helens
  • Port Angeles
  • Mount Rainier

There are other great spots of the state, including those that contribute great hiking and camping in the area.


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