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If you need a driverís license, identification card, vehicle registration, title, or any other driver or vehicle document, you will have to interact with the Washington Department of Licensing. This is the main go-to for all these services, although the type of services you need exactly may change the office you turn to. However the case, you must know where you are going, how to contact the right office, and how to determine when they are open so your office visit isnít in vain. 4DMV.com has all the contact information you need for locating the DOL offices in your county, as well as determining the best method of reaching and when they are available to be reached or visited.

If you are looking for Washington DOL online services, there are some to enjoy the convenience of, however, you will be required to visit the DOL office in person for a great majority of your tasks.

If you are in need of driverís documents such as licensing or others that pertain to the drivers and not the vehicles, you will need to locate and contact the appropriate driverís licensing office, which can be found by visiting

If you are in need of vehicle documents such as registration or others that pertain to the vehicle, including inspections, you will be required to go through the vehicle licensing office, which can be found online.

Washington DOL Appointments

You might not be able to make a DMV appointment in Washington for all your tasks; however, you should take advantage of the opportunity for those tasks that are offered by appointment. The main tasks offered by appointment are the motorcycle skills and driverís road exams that are needed to obtain the appropriate licensing, and must be completed by appointment only.

If you are ready to make your appointment, give the appropriate DOL office in your county a call, with all contact numbers found at Driver's Licensing Offices.

If you are seeking to register or title a salvaged vehicle and require inspection by the Washington State Patrol, you will call the county office found at Vehicle & Driver VIN Inpsections to set your required appointment.

Washington DMV Contact Information

In order to contact the Washington DMV, or DOL, you have various contact points for the main offices, which can help you further find the county office you require.

To contact the Washington DOL by phone, you must know what services are required, and choose between the driverís licensing office which deals with drivers and the vehicle licensing office which deals with the vehicleís Washington drivers operate.

  • Washington Driverís Licensing Office: 1-360-902-3900
  • Washington Vehicle Licensing Office: 1-360-902-3770

You can also visit the official website for driverís licensing and title or registration for contact information of all offices. To contact the DOL by mail or send appropriate documents for mail-in services, you will contact the following address:

††††††††††† Washington Department of Licensing
††††††††††† P.O. Box 9030
††††††††††† Olympia, WA 98507-9030

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