WA Change Address

Thinking of changing your address in Washington and want to make sure that all your necessary driver records, documents, and paperwork is delivered to the appropriate address? The only way that the Washington driver’s license office is going to be aware of your new address is if you follow the correct steps to making the change official and changing your WA address with the office directly.

Unlike many other states in the U.S., Washington drivers who change their address must follow steps appropriate for the type of license they hold, whether an enhanced driver’s license, or EDL, or a standard driver’s license. There are also different steps based on whether you want the change documented on your driver’s license or if you rather just notify the Washington driver’s license office and wait until license renewal time for the change to be made to your license.

Change Address on WA EDL

If you have a Washington EDL, the change of address will need to be completed within the local EDL/ID office. You must:

  • Bring the EDL
  • Proof of your new home address such as a piece of mail or lease or deed
  • $10 to pay the necessary fee.

Change Address on WA Driver’s License

To notify the Washington Department of Licensing of your address change without a new license, you must complete the appropriate Address Change form, which can be downloaded and mailed to the LSO near you.

If you choose this route, you will have no fees and your voter registration can even be changed as well. However, this method doesn’t provide you with an updated license or identification card – which means that you must write the new address on the back of your card and even registration to record it on these documents.

If you would prefer to obtain a new license with the change recorded, you will be required to visit the WA LSO near you with $10 for your fee.

No matter which method you choose for a Washington change of address with the Department of Licensing, you will only have 10 days from the move being complete to make the change. If no change is made, the penalties fall on you when your documents, paperwork, and notices do not arrive by mail as they are supposed to.


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