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As an owner of a vehicle within Washington, it is important that you maintain the Washington registration for the vehicle, which includes keeping your Washington registration certificate and your license plate tabs securely within and on the vehicle. However, that doesn’t mean that you will never incur an issue where the registration paperwork is missing or your tabs are missing. Whether you have recently loaned the vehicle out, haven’t used the vehicle in a bit of time, or have been a victim of theft, losing your registration documents in Washington doesn’t mean that they are gone forever.

The Department of Licensing’s vehicle licensing office in Washington is responsible for:

  • maintaining your vehicle documents
  • and all those that are sent or issued to you are maintained within the DOL’s files as well.

While these documents are your responsibility to maintain within your vehicle, things happen and you are given the opportunity to retrieve a duplicate Washington registration certificate or tabs if needed.

Remember not to waste any time getting these documents replaced because they are mandatory for your vehicle, and if stopped you could face some penalties for not having either your registration certificate or your license plate tabs. As the license plate stickers in Washington are to be affixed to the rear plate of your vehicle, if they are missing it becomes apparent to police officers, who will stop you and in most cases cite you as well. While there are no points towards your license, there could be fines, and these violations are recorded in case you continue to commit them.

Replace Lost Registration in Washington

When you find out or realize that your registration certificate or your Washington license plate tabs are missing, the first thing you should do is:

  • Visit the vehicle licensing office in your area
  • Bring photo identification along as you must prove who you are first.
  • Complete the required forms
  • Pay the $5 fee, with an additional $4 charged for filing with a subagent.


Once you get to the office, you will be asked what you are there to do. Once you inform them of the situation, you will be given the WA duplicate registration form, which you cannot find online.

Replace Lost Plate Tabs in Washington

You will follow a similar process to getting duplicate registration certification when you are replacing your Washington plate stickers. You must also:

  • visit the vehicle licensing office
  • Bring a photo ID
  • Bring the registration for the vehicle
  • Complete the lost plate tab form, which is also not available online
  • Pay your $4.25 fee, with an additional $4 subagent fee if applicable, you will receive your new tabs which you must affix to the vehicle immediately.

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