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WA Registration Renewal

Washington registration renewal is required each year in order to continue operation of the vehicle in the state. You must also maintain your auto insurance policy at all times, never letting it lapse or you could lose registration of your vehicle as well as incur great fines.

First-Time Washington Registration

4DMV.com offers a full page of information about first-time Washington registration, which is needed for all new vehicle purchases and all vehicles moved to Washington.

Registration of Non-Operated Vehicle

Washington does not require non-operated vehicle registration, but if you ever decide to take it back out on the roads, you will have to follow the following process to get registration for the vehicle.

  1. Find vehicle licensing office closest to you.
  2. Bring vehicle’s old license plates.
  3. Find vehicle’s title for vehicles not operated for 5 years or more.
  4. Bring proper ID.
  5. Pay registration fees based on the vehicle.

Check Washington Registration Renewal Notice

Before your vehicle registration expires, you will receive a registration renewal notice by mail in order to give you a reminder before your registration is no longer valid. This notice should arrive a few weeks before your registration expires, however, if it doesn’t arrive you must call

·         1-360-902-3770.

You will find important information on the renewal notice, which includes requirements for renewal and whether or not an emissions testing is required this time – if in a qualifying county.

Calculating Washington Registration Fees

When you receive your registration renewal notice, you will see the fees included with the other information. It will show a complete calculation of all your costs, which may increase if you choose a personalized or other specialty plate. However, the Washington DOL does allow you to renew your registration up to 6 months before it expires, but you will have to calculate the fees on your own. In order to do so, you could use the Washington registration fee calculator, which is found online at  Regional Transit Authority Excise Tax

·         **Remember that just like auto insurance, your registration fees will increase with newer vehicles.

If you don’t renew your registration by the date on your notice, you won’t receive a penalty late fee, but you won’t be able to operate the vehicle anymore until the registration is properly renewed with the DOL office.

How to Renew Registration in Washington

There are a few things you must do before you renew your vehicle’s registration in Washington, regardless of how you plan to renew.

  • Pay any and all parking tickets you have not yet paid, and any penalty fees thereof.
  • Pay Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax for vehicles with gross weight of more than 55,000 lbs.
  • Pass emissions testing if required by your county.

Once you have completed these small tasks, you can choose the method by which you wish to renew your registration, with online, mail-in, and office visit options offered.

Washington Registration Renewal Online

  1. Make sure the correct address is on file. If you have moved recently, use the online tool for change of address at Renew your vehicle tabs
  2. Make sure you have your renewal notice handy. If you haven’t received one, call 1-360-902-3770.
  3. Have a major credit card ready to pay the fees applied.
  4. Visit Renew your vehicle tabs and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you finish the online process, you can visit the vehicle licensing office in person to pick up your license plate tabs immediately, or you could simply wait for them to come by mail in the next week. If you don’t receive them in the mail, make sure you contact a vehicle licensing office as soon as possible.

Renewal In-Person

  1. Visit local vehicle licensing office in your county.
  2. Bring proof of Washington residence.
  3. Bring Washington driver’s license.
  4. Bring your emission certificate if required.
  5. Pay fees with cash, money order, or check.

Renewal by Mail

  1. Write a check for indicated fees on renewal notice. If you haven’t received the notice, call 1-360-902-3770.
  2. Attach proof of emissions inspection if required.
  3. Mail to the address listed on the notice.

Attach Registration Stickers

You will receive your plate stickers, or decals, after you have registered the vehicle, which you must affix to the rear plate on your vehicle. When you receive these tabs, a set of instructions will also be provided to ensure you affix according to the guidelines of the state.

Tax Deduction for Washington Registration

Only the residents within Snohomish, Pierce, and King Counties are eligible for the Regional Transit Authority excise tax for deduction for their registration costs. In order to find out the process and just what you are entitled to, you can consult with a Washington state tax attorney.

Keeping Washington State Streets Safe

Once you have obtained your vehicle’s registration and affixed your stickers appropriately, it is time to divert your focus to other vehicle issues, including safety. Make sure that you upkeep the maintenance of the vehicle with a routine tune up, oil change, and other types of preventative maintenance to ensure the vehicle remains in tip top shape.

You could also obtain a membership with the roadside assistance program, which can ensure you don’t find yourself stuck in a sticky situation on the side of the road. 4DMV.com offers a great deal of information to keep your vehicle working the right way.


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