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WA Vehicle Code

Studying for a driver’s exam in Washington is done best through the various state publications, including the Washington vehicle code. The vehicle code in Washington offers up all the many laws of the state, which you should really know if you want to avoid traffic tickets in the state. You will see what type of offense the various violations in Washington are considered to be and just what penalties are possible. Convenience in obtaining the vehicle code in Washington isn’t an issue as you can get it right online while you sit at home, just by visiting  Title 46 RCW, Motor Vehicles  

You can find everything you need within the Revised Code of Washington offered by the Washington State Legislature, under Title 46. You will find Washington’s vehicle code offered by the State Legislature, although most of the information within is derived from the transactions and issues handled by the Washington Department of Licensing.

There are many different laws that mandate the procedures and processes of:

  • Drivers
  • Motorcyclist
  • Pedestrians
  • Bicyclists
  • and all others in the state of Washington that may travel through the state’s roadways.

This is legislation passed by the state that is constantly updated to ensure that Washington’s roads remain as safe as possible.

There are several chapters in the vehicle code of Washington, including:

  • Definitions of terms
  • Vehicle Licensing
  • Driver’s Licensing
  • Standard Mandatory Auto Insurance in Washington
  • Lighting and Equipment of Vehicles
  • Rules of Washington Roads
  • Skills and Testing for Motorcycle Operators
  • Washington Auto Dealers and Auto Manufacturers
  • Washington Driver Training
  • Traffic School

There are also various other subjects covered including:

  • Emergency Vehicles and Drivers
  • Bicycles and Motor Bikes
  • Emissions Inspections
  • Consumer Protection in Vehicle Affairs
  • Lemon Law in Washington

Most of these subjects will link directly to more information that provides the deeper details.

Violations in Washington

Traffic tickets and violations are covered extensively in the vehicle code for Washington drivers, as it covers the crimes that hold penalties, when the crime is considered to have happened, and the legal ramifications thereof. This is very, very important information that is pertinent to driving if you want to ensure that you aren’t at risk of losing your license or getting penalties for offenses made due to unawareness.

The vehicle code in Washington is a great publication for drivers in the state that want the most information possible about driving in Washington and the laws that should be followed at all times, without exception. Understanding what you encounter in the state while driving will help you stay at a distance from the traffic courts and maintain the status of your license.


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