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The Washington Department of Licensing forms are offered to drivers in three convenient methods to ensure that all drivers are able to access the documents and paperwork needed to complete transactions with the DOL. Getting your forms has never been any easier, as there are online, in-person, and mail options available, to accommodate the convenience of just about anyone. Whether you are preparing for a new license, vehicle registration, or have a special circumstance to handle with the DOL, these forms will become the ultimate means of communication between you and the driver’s licensing offices in Washington.

Remember that while the Washington Department of Licensing does offer many of its Washington driver’s forms online for optimal convenience, not all forms are able to be offered online due to legal and federal compliance that ensures the originality and authenticity of such forms.

With the different options for obtaining and submitting DMV forms in Washington, it is a good idea to know the process so you can complete your tasks as quickly as the DOL allows.

  • Washington Driver Forms in Person: Visit vehicle licensing or licensing services office appropriate for your situation, which can provide the appropriate forms. You can complete the form right there and submit in person with the appropriate fees and documents required. You can pay by cash, check, or money order through any of the licensing services offices in Washington.
  • Washington Driver Forms by Mail: The forms can be obtained in the office or from the internet, but also requested by phone if you call the appropriate DOL office. When you have completed the forms, you can simply attach the appropriate fee by check or money order and send to the office in your county.
  • Washington Driver Forms Online: If you have Adobe Reader installed in your system, you can visit the Washington driver forms page online  to download the available online forms. In order to submit, you can complete and email with a credit card payment, which is only available for certain forms. There are also some tasks that can be completed online through the DOL website.

If you don’t see the form you need online, you can always use the form search engine offered by the DOL on the same page for searching through the entire list of forms. There are some forms, however, that you must obtain in-office, such as the odometer disclosure form and the driver’s license application form.

Some of the most commonly required driver’s license forms are found online, however, such as those listed below:

There are also various dealer forms that can be downloaded online from various sources as well, including the Washington DOL.

Each link you visit for your forms will also detail the instructions for completion and submission, and offer tips as well.


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