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WA Driving Manuals

The Washington Department of Licensing offers several great resources to its drivers of the state, ensuring that there are fewer occurrences on the roadways due to unaware driving and poor recognition of the laws and rules of the road. These rules and various laws, as well as the details needed to know for those driving in the state, can all be found within the myriad of driver’s handbooks in Washington – offered to each of the drivers of the state and those that are just starting out or need to brush up their knowledge.

Getting your Washington driver’s manuals can be as easy as visiting the local licensing service office, which can be found by visiting Driver Licensing Offices

You can also get them online for no cost, by visiting the various driver handbook pages of the Washington DOL.

Before you seek out your online Washington driver’s manuals, you should make sure that you have Adobe Reader installed on your PC as it is required to view the PDF files these driver manuals are offered in. If you need a copy of Adobe Reader, you can download it for free for get.adobe.com/reader.

The various driver manuals in Washington including the Washington Motorcycle Operator’s Manual, which is found online.

The Washington Commercial Driver’s Guide, which is found online.

The most popular and commonly needed, the Washington Driver Guide, which is found online.

The Washington Driver Guide is the main publication for Washington drivers with a standard driver’s license, offering the various rules and guidelines, as well as requirements involved in obtaining and maintaining valid driving privileges in the state. You can also get a listing of all street signs and traffic signals in Washington, safe driving practices, defensive driving techniques, and the requirements for auto insurance, or financial liability in Washington.

You can get a driver’s guide in Washington from the Department of Licensing translated into various foreign languages, including:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Korean

Using the manual isn’t required, but the information found within isn’t going to be found anywhere else, with no other sources offering such a concentrated publication of information for Washington drivers. Not to mention that all answers to the written driving exam are found within the driver’s guide, so it is a perfect study guide before you get your driver’s license, whether you are seeking a standard, commercial, or motorcycle endorsement.


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