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WA Bill of Sale

The Department of Licensing in Washington regulates the purchases and sales of motor vehicles in the state, requiring a Vehicle Report of Sale to be completed for any sale completed within state lines. This form is much like the Bill of Sale and can be found at Vehicle Report of Sale   through the official website found at  Washington state Department of Licensing

The form can either be downloaded and printed or completed right online through Report the Sale of a Vehicle

This is a form that is absolutely required for any private owner sale that takes place with a vehicle titled in Washington, whether there is a monetary transaction or the vehicle is donated. Even if the vehicle is a trade-in or sold to a dealership, and even if you call a junkyard to haul the vehicle away, this form is a requirement you can’t ignore.

Reporting Washington Vehicle Sales

The Vehicles Report of Sale, not the Washington Bill of Sale, is the written statement of the vehicle’s transaction – how, when, where, and what is described. This is a safeguard intended to protect the vehicle’s seller from the liabilities incurred through the vehicle after the date of sale.

The form can be submitted online or through the Vehicle Licensing Office in your area,.

However, the online option is usually the quickest and easiest. The online option is also free of charge while the visit to the VLS office is going to cost you $4. Either way, you must report the sale within 5 days of the title being signed over.

There is a great deal of information that must be reported through the Vehicle Report of Sale, including:

  • Date
  • Full Name and Address of Seller
  • Full Name and Address of Buyer
  • Vehicle’s Description
  • VIN
  • Current License Plate Number

Once you submit the report, whether online or offline, you will immediately receive a receipt of the submission. If, by chance, the sale doesn’t proceed as planned, you will have to make that visit to the VLS office in your county to cancel the transaction report. This cancellation cannot be completed through the internet service.

Unlike the Bill of Sale, the Washington Vehicle Report of Sale is not going to state the price, therefore is not to be confused with the actual Washington Bill of Sale, which can be downloaded in a generic form to provide the other details of the transaction that the Vehicle Licensing Office in Washington should know. The Bill of Sale in Washington is valuable when determining the taxes to be charged to the vehicle’s new owner.

Generic Bill of Sale in Washington

You can obtain a WA generic Bill of Sale online through various sponsors, which can help you to show the value or price that the vehicle was sold for. No matter whether Washington’s Bill of Sale is used or not, the Vehicle Report of Sale is still required to be submitted to the appropriate VLS office in your area.


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