WA Traffic Schools

When you receive traffic tickets in Washington, you definitely want to be proactive with the resolution, with a few great offers out there for you. With a state approved traffic school in Washington, you could easily save your driver’s record from the destruction caused by these violations.

Successfully completing an approved course from one of these Washington traffic schools could be:

  • A great way to prevent these violations from getting onto your driving record and axing you from driving positions you may be interested in for the future. Not only can your traffic ticket in Washington be completely dismissed, but you will also gain a greater skill level for driving with the knowledge that you need to drive as safely as you should behind the wheel.

The Washington DOL does not currently offer any state sponsored courses, but you can find court sponsored courses depending on the court itself. If you get a traffic ticket in Washington, just take a look at the ticket in order to find the court’s telephone number which you can contact to find out whether a traffic school is offered in the county. If there is a course offered, you could possibly get rid of that traffic ticket by just completing the course and passing through.

Traffic school courses in Washington could quickly range $60 and more, and can take up to 3 ½ hours to complete.

Checking with the State

If you just aren’t sure whether or not you can attend a traffic school to remove your ticket from your driver’s record, it is best to contact:

  • The traffic court that your ticket is issued through

You will not receive points towards your license as there is no Washington point system, but these records are maintained to calculate insurance rates and provide others and the DOL itself a good picture of your driving risk and the courses of action appropriate regarding employment or penalties.

If the traffic school course is offered in your county, don’t expect anything from the DOL if you don’t check first. Just because the course is offered, it doesn’t mean that it will remove your ticket, and if that is your main aim, it is essential you check first. At the same time, if you don’t remove a violation through the course, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to decrease your insurance rates through the course, so check with your provider as well.


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