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Washington employers are able to order DMV driving records for all employees that will potentially sit behind the wheel of a company vehicle. DMV records allow Washington employers to make accurate judgments about the abilities and responsibilities of a driver. When an individual drives a company vehicle frequently, it is important to ensure that he/she abides by the road rules and laws to act as a safe and responsible driver. Employers can use Washington DMV driving records to gain insight on past and present driving errors the individual has committed.

The state of Washington helps employers assess the credibility of an individual’s driving history. DMV driving records are easy to obtain and official DMV documentation that all employers can utilize.

How Do WA DMV Records Work?

Washington DMV records work much like a grading system. The Washington DMV maintains records on all registered drivers in the state of WA. The Department of Motor Vehicles uses a point system in which each traffic ticket and violation has a set point value. When drivers receive citations and are found guilty, the offenses are recorded on DMV driving records. Points are also added, according to the point value of the offense.

Each traffic ticket and violation has a set length of time which it will remain on an individual’s driving record. When the time is up, the offense expires and is removed from the individual’s DMV driving record. Through the point system, a DMV can easily track and monitor all Washington state drivers. The state of Washington also has a set amount of points which they will allow drivers to obtain in a specific timeframe. When a driver reaches the maximum amount of points, their driver’s license will be suspended or revoked.

Employers can read about an individual’s driving history, perusing violations and infractions from three to seven years. Most tickets and violations remain on an individual’s driver’s record for three to seven years, but some major offenses will stay on DMV driving records for much longer.

What Do DMV Driving Records Contain?

Washington DMV records will detail all driving violations and infractions that the driver has been found guilty of while operating a vehicle. DMV driving records are a complete history that will show all traffic tickets and violations that the driver has received that have not expired.

Washington DMV driving records will also show:

  • Auto collisions
  • Moving violations
  • Departmental actions
  • Parking tickets
  • Traffic tickets
  • Driver’s license suspensions
  • DUIs and DWIs
  • All other driving offenses

How Do I Obtain Washington Employee DMV Driving Records?

Washington employee DMV records are not difficult to obtain. In fact, there are two ways to obtain DMV driving records. Employers may either obtain the records online or through their local DMV office. The second means is the most time consuming, and because many employers cannot break away from their busy schedule, the state of Washington allows employers to obtain the records online.

When employers choose to obtain DMV records online, it is vital to conduct the transaction with a reputable DMV records supplier. Therefore, 4DMV.com has partnered with 4SafeDrivers for this very reason -- to bring our users a reputable DMV records supplier they can count on. 4SafeDrivers supplies employers throughout the U.S. with accurate, affordable and up-to-date DMV driving records. The process is simple, and employers can trust that they are receiving accurate information.

Employers can also visit their local DMV office to request DMV driving records. The DMV will likely then mail the DMV records to the employer, which can take up to two weeks. To determine if your local DMV office provides DMV driving records on the spot, visit 4DMV.com’s Locations and Hours section to access the DMV’s customer service number.

Washington employers have the right to obtain employee DMV driving records for all drivers they employ. There is no reason to take a risk and chance a hazardous driver in a company vehicle when you can easily obtain DMV records to make more informed decisions. Order fast, reliable DMV driving records online at 4SafeDrivers.

We partner with 4SafeDrivers to offer a quality service for businesses seeking to obtain driving records for employees.


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