WA Check Credit Score

There are several ways offered to you these days to check your credit score in Washington, whether you prefer to use the online tools offered or the resources that are available within the state, such as the local credit agencies and even your bank. There are several reasons why your credit score should never go unchecked, even if you don’t think that the score is very high or that you have much to gain from your credit report and score in Washington. There are several other people that may find this information useful, which could include renters, employers, dealerships, and more.

What is Your Credit Score?

Your credit score is a score derived from your credit background, which is a numeric assessment of all that your credit report holds. Your credit report details:

  • Past delinquency on accounts
  • Repaid credit
  • And, more

There are several different details that are found through your credit score, which is why those making serious financial decisions concerning you will find this information so pertinent. Washington auto dealerships, employers, and even credit unions and lenders, as well as other companies and representatives will research your credit score in order to determine your financial risk to their company.

Difference between Credit Score and Credit Report

There are a lot of people that may confuse the credit score and report, or even think that they are both one in the same – however, this is not true. In fact, your credit score and your credit report are completely different, although they detail the same information. The credit report can even be obtained for free online, while you will likely have to pay a fee in order to obtain your credit score, which is going to be a number most likely between 420 and 820. The higher your score is the more credibility you hold financially, while your credit report only shows the discrepancies and the satisfactory actions that have generated this score.

Get Your Credit Score Online

There are several services these days online to get your credit score, with most even offering a great membership that keeps you updated as this number may change. To get your score, you must choose the credit agency that works best with you, or the third party company that can provide the most up-to-date information for the best deal. You can also go through your personal bank if you prefer to obtain this score in person, which will often provide you with an instant score that you must follow up yourself.

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