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Background checks in Washington are provided mainly by the Identification and Criminal History Section of the Washington State Patrol. Obtaining criminal history record information, also dubbed CHRI, is often useful in a variety of tasks, in which information is vital pertaining to the background of yourself or another individual. Knowing how to get your Washington background check with ease can shorten the process you follow, increase your results, and save you money – all made possible with the help of 4DMV.com.

Background and Criminal Check Services in Washington

When you are looking for a background check, there are usually a few other great services that could benefit you well. However, starting with the Criminal History  Check in Washington, to link to the Washington State Patrol service offered. Other services include:

Services offered by the Washington State Patrol are available to employers, criminal justice agencies, and individuals seeking their own records. The fees vary based on the services and the amount.

Washington Criminal History Check

If you want to obtain your criminal history from the Washington State Patrol, there are two methods to do so. You can use the online service offered at

Watch Washington Access to Criminal History

Which, is known as the WATCH system.

You will be charged $10 for each name you search, even if there are no results. You must have a credit card or an account already established online.

If you prefer to request criminal histories in Washington by mail, you can download the form offered at:

Watch Washington Access to Criminal History

and fax to 1-360-534-2073 or mail to:

            Washington State Patrol
            Identification and Criminal History Section
            P.O. Box 42633
            Olympia, WA 98504-2633

You can also email the office at watch.help@wsp.wa.gov, or call 1-360-534-2000 #2.

Online Background Check in Washington

While the Washington State Patrol may offer a limited or full report, there are other sources that can provide a complete background history online, including previous employment, residence, criminal issues, and more. These are great for those that need a complete history or employers that need more to go on in terms of a decision to hire. These services are offered online for a select fee, ranging differently amongst the various sources. If you decide to use this option, there are several different choices of providers, which you should research before providing personal information to.


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