WA Used Car Buyer’s Guide

There are several reasons why you may think that a used car from a private seller in Washington is the best route, either due to cost or convenience. You will definitely have a few things to consider, and should do a great deal of research on vehicles you decide to look at, as you can’t make a wise decision without the proper information backing you.

In some cases:

  • The cost of a new car could be too overwhelming, and it often continues to stretch for quite some time, often affecting your budget for the length of any loan you utilize to obtain the vehicle.
  •  In other cases, you could find the one-time payment and quick sale to be much easier than attempting to be approved by a Washington dealership, which may not give you the complete freedom to choose the vehicle that you are really interested in.
  • There are also disadvantages for those on a budget when it comes to insurance rates for new vehicles, as dealerships in most cases, even for pre-owned vehicles, are going to require full coverage insurance to be covering the vehicle until it is fully paid off. Lienholders may require the same, as will any title lenders.

Understand Your Used Car Needs

Everyone’s needs are much different, and knowing what you need is necessary to get a vehicle that you will get adequate use from.

  • Should you get that SUV you have been thinking about, or would it be more economical to get a smaller vehicle with more miles per gallon?
  •  Should you just get a motorbike to get you to and fro, or would a sedan be appropriate for your family?
  • What is your budget like? This has a lot to say about what you need in a vehicle. For one, if you have a smaller budget for a car, you likely also have a small budget for gas, which means you need a gas saving vehicle that can yield more MPG’s. At the same time a smaller budget for a car means you need a less expensive vehicle that can provide the reliable transportation you require.

The Importance of the Washington Vehicle History Report

The first thing you ever want to do once you have chosen the true winner out of the vehicles you have looked at is:

  • Get a vehicle history report for that vehicle. Buying a used vehicle from a private owner means that you don’t have the consumer protection you are provided with from a dealership – and even that protection isn’t always the most adequate.

A vehicle history report is your report of the vehicle – where the vehicle was owned, who owned it, what it has been involved in if anything, the result of any accidents, serious repairs, title branding, and much more. You can actually determine whether or not the vehicle’s odometer is correct or if there are issues that seem imminent in the future.

Other Used Car Buyer Forms and Information

The buyer is responsible for the Washington title transfer as well as registration of the vehicle, which will involve various forms. You can use 4DMV.com to get all these forms, including the Washington bill of sale and the title application. There are forms that are only available when you get in the office, which will be provided for free to complete as you apply for your services.

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