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Selling your car in Washington yourself is going to be a challenge, as you aren’t located on a car lot that can be seen from the highway, you don’t have the credentials and credibility to get car buyers to trust you, and you are trying the resources that are offered to you often for free, therefore guaranteeing no results. However, if you let 4DMV.com be a guide for you in the process, you can sell your car much easier and get the price you want for it more so than if you went through the venture on your own.

4DMV.com is a great stop for a used car selling guide that can clue you in to the steps that you must take. You should definitely be making a clear and accurate evaluation of the vehicle, assessing its value, and obtaining the vehicle history report in order to prove what you say about the vehicle. If you don’t have the Washington vehicle history report to go with the vehicle, you are definitely going to have a hard time trying to sell the vehicle to someone.

Getting the Paperwork Together

There is definitely a bit of paperwork that you must get together for the new owner of the vehicle to take in to the DOL and register as well as title the vehicle, and get it on the road.

For one, you will need:

  • The vehicle’s title, with information provided by 4DMV.com in case you must replace the title due to loss, theft, or damage.
  • You will also need the current registration of the vehicle, and an emissions testing report if the vehicle is going to be located within a requiring county.
  • You will then get the Washington bill of sale, as it is essential to report the sale of the vehicle and prove that you have given up the ownership of the vehicle, therefore are no longer liable for the costs and damages caused and incurred by the vehicle.
  • Make sure you sign with your full name and address, getting that of the buyer as well.

To transfer the title of the vehicle, you will need to also complete the odometer disclosure statement which will be given to the new owner.

Have no Title?

Washington will not allow you to sell a vehicle if you don’t have a title so make sure you get the information you need to replace a Washington title as quickly and efficiently as possible. You will complete the process with the Washington vehicle licensing office, and must bring the correct paperwork, which includes the Affidavit in Lieu of Title which will be offered in-office, and the appropriate fees to pay for the duplicate Washington title.

Once the vehicle is sold, notify the Washington DOL online at Report the Sale of a Vehicle

Or in-person at the vehicle licensing office near you. You will have to bring in the vehicle and new owner’s information, as well as the plate information, at which point you are given a receipt to keep for your records.


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