WA Buying & Selling

There is a lot to know about buying and selling Washington vehicles within and outside of the state that can help make the situation much easier and more beneficial to you. There are various aspects of vehicle sales in Washington that could differ from other states you may be familiar with – which means you must study up so you follow the right process.

Washington Vehicle History Reports

There is perhaps nothing more important than a vehicle history report when it comes to the purchase or sale of a Washington vehicle for many reasons. However, there are different reasons for both the buyer and the seller, so find out just what purpose the vehicle history report serves for you. If you want to be sure that a lemon isn’t in your future or that your vehicle is sold easily for the value that it is worth, check out how to obtain your vehicle history report in Washington from 4DMV.com.

Vehicle Transactions in Washington

There are different types of transactions that can take place with a vehicle in Washington state which include:

  • donations
  • gifts
  • inheritances
  • straight out sales through a dealer or private seller

With each transaction that may take place you must follow the appropriate procedures to be sure that the vehicle’s title and registration are transferred to the new owner. To find out what steps to take for the type of transaction that pertains to you, 4DMV.com has great buying and selling pages to research.

Vehicle Transaction Forms in Washington

There are various different Washington vehicle transaction forms that may be put into use in order to complete the transaction most efficiently through the Washington driver’s licensing office. you can visit for a complete list of the DOL forms available within the state.

These forms can be printed right from the internet so you can save a trip to the DMV office and complete them before you even arrive.

If you prefer, however, you can obtain these forms in-office or even by mail, with full mailing information for each form offered at

  • http://www.dol.wa.gov/forms.html.

The Washington Bill of Sale is a different story. While there is a different type of form used for recording the transaction with the department of licensing office, you can obtain a generic Bill of Sale form online from various sources throughout the net. However, no matter whether you use a Bill of Sale or not, you must complete the Vehicle Report of Sale, which can be submitted online

 or submit in person or by mail, with an online printable form offered at Vehicle Report of Sale

Make sure you are aware of the Lemon Law that is in effect within Washington, and what other responsibilities you hold within the transaction so you can be sure that the liability of the vehicle is properly distributed to the appropriate party

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