WA Auto Warranty

Sometimes the best way to purchase a new vehicle is with an auto warranty covering the malfunctions or issues that could arise. Getting a warranty isn’t always an option, however, which is a great reason why it is important to check out what is included with your vehicle when you make the purchase. Purchasing a new vehicle from a Washington auto dealership can be a top method of obtaining a warranty, as they are often only provided for those vehicles purchased new off the car lot. However, there are other circumstances in which a warranty could carry forward to a new owner of the vehicle, or even be extended to ensure optimal coverage of the vehicle for a greater length of time than originally issued.

Washington Auto Warranties Explained

An auto warranty in Washington is just like what is found in other states, covering newly purchased vehicles, often only for new purchases. If the vehicle is pre-owned, the likely only way you can obtain a warranty over the vehicle is:

  • to transfer the extended warranty of the previous owner
  • or obtain an extended warranty for the vehicle’s previous warranty.

When it comes to extending a warranty, this is the best method of maintaining coverage over your vehicle, but you should know what the warranty entails. It is sometimes funny to read what is actually offered as coverage through the warranty, as you may find details that make little sense. Sometimes a vehicle’s warranty covers all main components, while you can also find some warranties that conveniently remove the main and most common issues from the warranty leaving as your responsibility.

There are Washington dealership warranties offered on vehicles purchased from a dealership that could be provided solely through the dealership, meaning that the dealer will set you up with the repairs needed if they occur. However, these could be the trickiest of warranties, often only covering minor issues that aren’t likely to arise. If you aren’t sure what the warranty offered is going to cover, you are provided with all the information you need at the purchase of the vehicle, and the dealer should explain the terms and conditions as well.

Transferring Washington Extended Warranty

Just because you have a warranty covering your Washington vehicle, doesn’t mean that it is null and void if you decide to sell the vehicle. In fact, there are many warranties that can be transferred to the new owner of the vehicle in order to ensure that they too are enjoying the benefits of owning the vehicle.

4DMV.com can further explain buying and selling vehicles in Washington to help you understand any warranties and other situations that can be involved in the purchase of a WA vehicle.

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