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Texas Identity Theft

If you find yourself victim to identity theft there are many hardships that you may experience.  In Texas, identity theft is a serious crime in which a person fraudulently uses your name, credit card number or social security number.  Although this is a devastating experience, do not panic. 

Each year there are nearly nine million victims that fall victim to this crime.  Yes, it is a terrible situation, but 4DMV.com is here to help ensure that if you are a victim of identity theft, you know exactly what to do.

What To Do When Your Identity Is Stolen

When your identity is stolen, it is essential that you handle the situation properly.  This can be an extremely costly, if not time consuming experience.  There are specific steps that have been set by the Federal Trade Commission for all victims of identity theft which follow as:

  • The first step that victims of identity theft should take is to report the theft to one of the major credit reporting agencies.  For more information regarding the credit reporting agencies visit 4DMV.com’s Credit Reports section.  When you contact the credit reporting agency you will need to alert them that your identity has been stolen and provide your Social Security number.
  • You will need to gather all the information regarding all fraudulent accounts that have been opened in your name and have them closed.  This will be necessary for all existing accounts that have been tampered with as well.
  • File an official complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Ensure that you have filed an identity theft report with your local police department and/or the police department where the theft occurred.

These steps will ensure that you are protecting yourself from further hardships.  Once you have taken these steps a fraud alert will be place on your credit report which will alert each of your creditor that your identity has been stolen.

To report your identity theft to the three major credit agencies contact:

  • TransUnion (800)680-7289
  • Experian (888)397-3742
  • Equifax (800)525-6285

When you are a victim of identity theft you must pay particular attention to your existing accounts and any accounts that you did not apply for.  Keep a close eye on your credit report and make sure that nothing has been altered.  Should there be revisions that need to be made, you will be required to submit an Identity Theft Report as well as a cover letter.

As a victim of identity theft, for each fraudulent account that is opened in your name, you will be required to call the fraud department of the company and you will also be responsible for writing a follow up wishes includes all the proper documentation that supports your case.  It is important to send each letter via certified mail and to save all correspondence between you and the company on file.  You can contact the specific company or companies and ask them to mail you the proper forms to dispute fraudulent charges.

When filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, you can do so by:

  • Filing online
  • Filing via telephone by calling 877-ID-THEFT

Or, you may mail your complaint to the:

  • Federal Trade Commission
  • 600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
  • Washington, D.C.  20580

Once you have filed your complaint with the Federal Trade Commission you will be given a Federal Trade Commission Theft Complaint form.

  • When filing your police report regarding your identity theft, which is essential, it is best done in person.  You will need all the specific documentation including your FTC ID Theft Complain form.
  • When you file your police report, it should be done in person.  Have all documentation, including your Federal Trade Commission ID Theft Complaint form and the instructed cover letter which can be found  online as well as any other supporting documents.

Identity Theft Reports

Identity Theft Reports are detailed reports that are considered to be an actual police report and will disclose all the specific information regarding the crime.  These reports are necessary for credit reporting agencies and businesses that are involved in the fraudulent use of your identity. 

  • Victims of identity theft will be required to call the fraud department of each company that a fraudulent account was opened in your name.  It is important to send the letters via certified mail and to save all correspondence between you and the company on file.  Ask the companies to mail you the necessary forms to dispute the fraudulent charges.
  • Filing an Identity Theft Report is important to protect yourself.  The report will block fraudulent information on your credit report which could be quite damaging.  The victim also has the protection of fraudulent debts reappearing.  This helps you from becoming in bad terms with collections companies as the report will block the debts that were a result of the identity theft.

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