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Texas Renew License

Each motorist that has a Texas driver’s license will need to have it renewed at some point.  In fact, if you are a Texas motorists that is 85 years of age and younger, your Texas driver’s license will require renewal each six years,  and if you are a Texas motorists that is over the age of 85, your Texas driver’s license will require renewal each five years.

The Public Safety Department allows all Texas motorists the option of renewing their license one year prior to its expiration date.  However, they do not allow any leeway should your license expire and you will be responsible for the penalties. 

Renewing Your Valid Texas Driver’s License

Renewing your Texas driver’s license can be done by one of the four methods  provided by the Texas DPS, provided that your license expiration has not be for a period greater than two years.  Renewing your driver’s license can be done by:

  • In person
  • By phone
  • By mail
  • Online

If you are uncertain as to whether your current license is valid then you can obtain your diving record which will have all the details.  To obtain your driving record visit 4dmvc.om’s Driving Record Section.

  • Should you be a holder of a commercial driver’s license that needs to be renewed visit 4dmv.com’s Commercial Driver’s Section which will have the specific steps that you must follow. 
  • Should your license be suspended then you must first reinstate your driver’s license.  For more information on reinstating your suspended license visit 4dmv.com’s Suspended Licenses Section. Should your license be lost you will need to apply for a duplicate license.  For more information on applying for a duplicate license visit 4dmv.com’s replacing a Lost License Section. 

Your Renewal Notice

Each Texas motorist will receive a renewal notice when it is time to renew your license.  This notice will be sent by the Texas Public Safety Department around six weeks prior to your driver’s license expiration.  The renewal driver’s license renewal notice is an important documents that you the necessary steps to take to renew your driver’s license. 

If for some reason you do not receive your driver’s license renewal notice in the mail then you need to contact the Public Safety Department to determine which options you are eligible for to renew your driver’s license.  You may also want to check the status of you address at this time to ensure that the DPS has the correct address on file.

Renew Your Driver’s License Online

Renewing your license online is an option.  However, there are some restrictions as to whether you can renew online which include:

  • Your valid driver’s license is a Texas Class C or CM driver’s license and the expiration on the license has not be for a period over two years
  • Your last driver’s license renewal was completed in person
  • You are a motorist that is between the ages of 18 to 79
  • You do not currently have any warrant for your arrest or outstanding tickets
  • You have not had any medical conditions which would affect your driving such as vision changes, changes in your physical or mental health and so on
  • Your license renewal notice states that renewing your license online is an accepted form of renewal

In order to renew your license online you must: 

  • Have your valid driver’s license and your Social Security number which you will need to submit the numbers of
  • Have a MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express credit card to pay for the applicable fees
  • Visit the DPS Driver License and ID Card Online Services System

Once you have completed the process of renewing your license it should be processed within 15 to 20 working days.  If for some reason you do not receive your renewed license you can contact the DPS. 

If your license is due to expire and you are currently out of the state of Texas or military or non-military the DP will provide information about how to renew your license online at Your Texas Driver License.

Renewing Your License By Mail

In State

In order to renew your license by mail in the state of Texas, your renewal notice must sate that it is an option.  If it does, you should receive specific instructions about how to renew your license by mail.

Located in Another State

If you are a Texas motorist that is outside the state of Texas and your license is due to expire, you do have the option of renewing by mail.  When you renew by mail it is necessary to include a non-military or military personnel drivers packet which can be found at:

You may also follow the following step to renew by mail:

Mail all documentation with the appropriate fees to:

  • Texas DPS
  • P.O. Box 15999
  • Austin, TX  78761-5999

Allow six to seven weeks for your new license to arrive via mail.  

Renewing Your Texas License By Phone

Texas residents also have the option to renew their license over the telephone.  They must however, meet the same requirements of applying to renew their license as the online application. The applicant’s renewal notice must also state that they can renew it by phone. 

To renew by phone you must:

  • Submit the numbers of your driver’s license and Social Security number
  • Be prepared to pay the applicable fee via MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover credit card
  • Call RENEW at 866-357-3639

To renew by phone, you must be eligible, which should be state on your renewal notice.  If for some reason you are uncertain as to whether you are able to renew by phone contact your DPS.

Renewing Your License In Person

Nearly every Texas motorist has the option of renewing in person.  If for some reason you are not given this option, it will say so on your renewal notice.  For those holding a non-commercial Class A and B license renewing in person or by mail are the only options provided. 

To renew by person you must:

  • At the time of applying for your license renewal you will be asked questions regarding any current medical condition that you may have that may hinder your driving ability. 
  • You will also be required to successfully pass an eye exam which will be administered by the DPS. 
  • Once you have completed these steps successfully, the DPS will then take your photograph and fingerprint. 

Once you have renewed your license you should receive your renewed license within 15 to 20 working days. Should you not receive your renewed license contact your DPS.


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