Texas Drivers with Disabilities

The state of Texas realizes that their drivers with disabilities need special privileges.  In the state drivers with disabilities can apply for special license plates or placards for their vehicles that allow them to park in reserved handicap spaces.  The handicap spaces are close to the building entrance which makes it easier for drivers that have difficulty walking. 

Texas defines a disabled driver as:

  • You must use an assistance device when walking such as a walker, brace, cane or other assistance device
  • You are not capable of getting around without a wheelchair or similar device

If you fall into the category of a disabled driver then you might be eligible to receive the special license plates at no additional charge over the normal vehicle registration fees.  You can also apply for a Pacard which hangs from the rear view mirror of the vehicle for a cost of $5.  These are a great asset for traveling when in a vehicle that isn’t your own.


Each state in the United State recognizes the special license plates and placards.  Just as Texas recognizes special license plates and placards from other states.  It is a good idea, when traveling outside of the state, to check with the DMV in the state you are traveling to and ensure that they do not require a temporary placard. 

How To Apply for Disabled Plates or Placards

Before you are able to apply for disabled license plates or placards there are a few requirements you will need to meet:

  • First, you will need to have your physician attest to your disability. 
  • The physician must also not whether your condition is permanent or temporary.  If you do have a permanent disability you are then eligible for handicapped license plates. 
  • You will also have the option of applying for a disabled Placard.  Placards are used for all those disabled drivers with a temporary condition.

In order to apply for your handicapped license plate or placard you will need to complete an Application for Disabled Person Identification Placed or Disabled Person License Plate 

Once you complete the form you can then submit it to your County Tax Assessor - Collector and begin the process to obtain your plates or placard.

Driver Licenses

In Texas, drivers with disabilities can still be issued a driver’s license.  They must however, demonstrate that their condition does not affect their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. 

  • If you are unsure as to whether your medical condition will affect your driving privileges then you should contact your local driver license office. 
  • As a disabled driver or any driver you must be responsible and should never drive with a condition that would present danger to you or others on the road.  If you are a risk on the roads and highways then a Medical Advisory Board may determine that you should have your driving privileges revoked.  Visit for more information on a Medical Advisory Board

ADA Compliance

Disabled drivers in the state of Texas not only have the privilege of handicap parking the state DMV also offers assistance to all those that need help to complete their driver licensing transactions.  If you are a disabled driver that needs assistance, contact your local driver license office to make arrangements.


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