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There are a few different office locations in Texas where people can handle all of their driving-related tasks and responsibilities. Regardless of where you are going, you should always remember national holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and New Years Day. Many places are not open these days, and if you are not sure, you can call ahead to ensure that a trip is not wasted, as nowadays money is everything.

Office Locations

When it comes to certain services such as:

  • getting a commercial license
  • your photo ID
  • your DL, the Department of Public Safety are the people who are in charge

If you are not sure where the nearest location is, you can take a look here Texas Driver License Office Map

Here you are going to be able to learn about hours of operation as well as how to get in touch with them in the case you need general information or to schedule an appointment.

Registrations and Your Title

Texans should also conduct business that has to do with registrations and titles through your local county tax location. This can include things such as:

  • changing your address
  • renewing your registration
  • transferring your title
  • and much more

Special Tasks and Registrations

If for any reason you find you need to replace your title or make corrections to your title, you can visit an office in your area. For those who aren’t too sure of the area, or just need some help locating an office, consider checking out  Regional Service Centers

Miscellaneous Locations

Are you looking for where to go to get a restricted license or to pay your re-instatement fees, you are going to have to do this by mail:

  • Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Driver Improvement and Compliance
  • P.O. Box 15999
  • Austin, TX 78752
  • Call (512) 424-7120 for any questions you may have.


For residents of the lone Star vicinity, by getting in touch with your local DL office, you may or may not be able to schedule appointments for such tasks such as your road test to become licensed. Some places are not doing appointments, and if an office does, be prepared to go through a rather difficult process.

Contact Details

  • Public Safety Department of Texas
  • Physical Address
  • Texas Public Safety Department
  • 5805 N. Lamar Boulevard
  • Austin, TX 78752

Mailing Location

  • Public Safety Department of Texas
  • PO Box 4087
  • Austin, TX 78773

Phone Information

  • (512) 424-2000 (Headquarters)
  • (512) 424-7171 (Spanish)
  • (512) 424-2600 (English)
  • (800) 292-5787 Safety Unit for Motorcycles
  • (800)525-5555 Roadside Hotline

Email Details

Motor Vehicles Department

Physical Address

  • Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
    Vehicle Titles and Registration
    4000 Jackson Avenue
    Austin, TX 78731

Mailing Address

  • Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
    Vehicle Titles and Registration
    125 E. 11th Street
    Austin, TX 78701

Phone Contact Details

  • (512) 465-7611:Registrations/Titles
  • (512) 302-2110: Telecommunication for the Hearing Impaired
  • (512) 374-5010: Specialty Plates such as military
  • (512) 302-2162: Fax number


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