Tennessee DMV Driving Records

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Tennessee DMV driving records provide a history of driving errors that a driver has incurred. DMV records are used by employers to screen new and existing employees, and by insurance companies to calculate the risk of the driver. DMV driving records are also available to the individual driver who would like to check the status of their driverís license, know the marks against them, and to determine if there are marks they can clean up and clear off their driverís license.

How Do Tennessee DMV Records Work?

Tennessee DMV records are maintained by the DMV. From the time a license is first issued, the TN DMV begins to track and monitor the driver to ensure their responsibility and safety on the road. DMV driving records are used to create a history of the driverís errors while behind the wheel.

The state of Tennessee State, like all U.S. states, operates on a point system. For each traffic ticket, violation or accident, drivers will receive points against their DMV driving records. When the driver accumulates too many points, they run the risk of losing their driving privileges. Most offenses will remain on a driverís DMV records for three to seven years. The state of Tennessee does allow some drivers to clean up their records depending on their driving error. If you happen to be a driver that can eliminate points from your DMV record, you will be required to complete a traffic course first. For more information on traffic schools, visit our Traffic School Section.

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What Will My Tennessee DMV Driving Record Show?

DMV driving records contain a history of driving errors over a specific amount of time. These errors include:

  • Traffic tickets, violations and fines
  • Auto accidents
  • Suspensions, revocations, and cancellations

DMV records will also show the points you have accumulated against your driverís license, your driverís license classification and endorsements, and all departmental actions that have resulted due to your errors.

How to Order Your TN DMV Record

Tennessee drivers have the ability to obtain their DMV records through the Department of Motor Vehicles or online.

To obtain your records through the DMV you must visit your local DMV office in person. You will need your license and be ready to pay all applicable fees. Typically, your DMV office will mail the DMV driving records to you, which will take about two weeks. Visit our Locations and Hours section to learn the hours-of-operation of your local DMV office.

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