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Tennessee State is a state that works closely with employers that employ company drivers.  In Tennessee State, it is the employer’s right to obtain employee DMV driving records on any individual that they may place behind the wheel of a company vehicle.  This is Tennessee State’s way to help ensure the employer does not employ hazardous drivers, and a means to help keep Tennessee roadways and highways safe. 

Tennessee DMV records are records that show how well an individual abides by the state road rules and laws.  For the employer, DMV driving records help employers to determine the driver’s ability, and responsibility, and also provide a means to determine the individual’s credibility.  DMV driving records are an important tool for the employer that helps to reduce the risk of a high risk driver behind the wheel of a company vehicle.

Tennessee DMV records are the documentation an employer needs to make a wise decision on drivers for their company.


Tennessee DMV records are maintained by the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicle.  Tennessee DMV records are a detailed account of all traffic tickets and violations that a driver has been cited and charged with over a specific amount of time.  From the moment a driver is first issued their driver’s license, the Tennessee DMV begins to track and monitor the driver, to ensure that they are responsible and abide by the road rules and laws.  Each US State works closely with one another to ensure that no matter where a driver is and may receive a ticket, it is recorded against their Tennessee driver’s license.

Tennessee DMV, like other US States, works on a point system.  Each driving ticket and violations is allotted a specific amount of points.  Minor tickets, such as a parking ticket, will have a lesser point value, while more severe offenses such as a DUI will have a high point value.  When a driver receives a traffic ticket or violation, the offense is recorded on their DMV driving record with the date, time, place and point value of the offense.  These points are considered marks against the individual’s driving record. 

Tennessee DMV holds the driver accountable for these tickets and violations for a specific timeframe.  For instance, minor offenses will have a lifespan of three years, while more major offenses will have a greater lifespan on the individual’s driving record and will show for seven or more years. 

When a driver reaches the maximum amount of allowable points within a specific timeframe set by Tennessee State, the Department of Motor Vehicles will then suspend or revoke their driver’s license.   

Tennessee State employers have the right to obtain DMV records on individuals they have or may have in their employment the drive company vehicles for the past three to seven years.  The records provide insight the employer would otherwise not have and helps to eliminate the threat of a high risk driver in their company.


Tennessee DMV records are an accurate history of driving errors the driver has been cited and charged with while operating a vehicle on the roadways and highways.  Employers can expect to discover how responsible a driver is.  In the past, employers were on the mercy of the individual.  Today, that has changed, and employers have precise information that is official DMV documentation and shows all minor and major offenses that the driver has incurred.  

Tennessee DMV driving records show:

  • Auto accidents
  • Parking tickets
  • Traffic tickets
  • Traffic violations
  • DUIs and DWIs
  • Suspensions
  • And, offenses the driver has been cited and charged with

Tennessee employers have the privilege to obtain these records on individuals they seek to hire or have in their present employment for the past three to seven years.


Tennessee employers can obtain DMV records in one of two ways.  First, they can obtain the records through the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles.  Second, they can obtain the DMV records online. 

Obtain Employee DMV Driving Records At DMV

To obtain employee DMV records through the Tennessee State Department of Motor Vehicles, the employer must visit their local DMV office in person to request DMV driving records.  Employers should be prepared; if they choose this option, that there may be a wait time.  Many DMV offices require the DMV records to be mailed to employers.  Should your local office be one that mails employee DMV driving records you can expect a wait time of up to two weeks. 

Obtain Employee DMV Driving Records Online

Tennessee State allows employers the privilege to obtain employee DMV records online.  This is the quickest and most often the most convenient means to obtain DMV records as the employer does not have to take time from their busy schedule to visit their local DMV office, nor is there a wait time of two weeks. 

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Tennessee employers have the right to obtain DMV driving records and should never run the threat of a high risk driver on Tennessee roadways and highways behind the wheel of their company vehicle.  4DMV.com provides you with the best information to obtain DMV records.


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