South Dakota Employee DMV Driving Records

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North Dakota employers are at the advantage when it comes to the hire of individuals to drive company vehicles.  North Dakota State provides employers with DMV driving records on all individuals they may hire or currently have employed that get behind the wheel of a company vehicle.  This privilege to obtain DMV records saves employers of making dreadful mistakes in the hire f what could be a high risk driver.  This is a measure that protects North Dakota companies and the roadways and highways of North Dakota. 

North Dakota DMV records are official DMV documentation of an individual’s driving performance and just what road rules and laws they have been caught breaking.


South Dakota State maintains DMV records on each registered driver in the state.  When a driver is issued a driver’s license, a driving record opens, which is an account of all driving tickets and violations that they have been cited and charged with.  This documentation is official DMV documentation and a tremendous asset to the employer.

South Dakota DMV works with other states and any state that a South Dakota driver receives a ticket, whether in South Dakota or another US State, it will appear on their DMV record.  DMV uses a point system to accurately gauge the severity of an offense.  The more severe the offense the higher the point value of the offense.  These points are considered marks against an individual’s driving record. 

DMV has allotted a certain amount of points in a specific amount of time that drivers can accumulate on their DMV driving records.  When a driver reaches the limit, set by the state, they will have their driver’s license suspended or revoked. 

Drivers that are responsible take their freedom to drive seriously and abide by the road rules and laws.  Drivers that do not will begin to receive tickets and violations and everything from a simple traffic ticket to a major offense such as a felony DUI will be recorded on their DMV driving record.

DMV also has a time limit that each traffic ticket or violation will remain on the individual’s DMV driving record.  Normally, the set amount of time is three years for minor offenses and seven or more years for major offenses.

DMV driving records are a tool that no employer that operates company vehicles should do without.   DMV records are designed to provide employers with accurate information and are a statement that shows how well the driver abides by the road rules and laws.  These records ensure that a person is who and what they say they are and also give an employer a good idea of how well the individual may respect the company and follow company policies and rules.


South Dakota records are a complete history of the driving errors a driver has incurred while on the highways and roadways.  These records will show both minor and major traffic tickets and violations over a timeframe of three to seven years.

South Dakota DMV driving records show:

  • Auto collisions
  • Traffic tickets
  • Parking tickets
  • Traffic violations
  • DUIs and DWIs
  • Suspensions
  • And, offenses the driver has been cited and charged with

South Dakota employers can obtain DMV records for the past three to seven years.  These records should be utilized by all drivers that employ company drivers.


South Dakota employers can obtain DMV records through their local Department of Motor Vehicles or they can obtain the records online.  Both means are permitted by South Dakota State.  To obtain DMV driving records through the Department of Motor Vehicles the process will take a bit more time.  The employer will be required to visit their local Department of Motor Vehicles to request the DMV records.  There may be a wait time of up to two weeks while the Department of Motor Vehicles process the request and mails the records to you.

The second option that South Dakota employers have is to obtain the records online.  However, it is important that employer conduct their business with a reputable dealer that is authorized to supply DMV records.  4DMV.com has taken the chore for employers in finding a reputable source and has partnered with 4SafeDrivers.com, a reputable supplier of DMV records.  4SafeDrivers.com provides employers with accurate DMV records that are affordable and convenient to obtain. Simply access their site, and begin the process. 

South Dakota employers do not have to run the risk of a high risk driver behind the wheel of their company vehicle.  4DMV.com provides you with the information you need to obtain DMV driving records in a convenient and timely manner with DMV and 4SafeDrivers.com.


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