South Carolina Employee DMV Driving Records

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South Carolina employers no longer have to guess at how well and individual they may hire or have employed may abide by the road rules and laws.  Employee DMV driving records are granted to all South Carolina employers that hire individuals to drive company vehicles.  This is a privilege that South Carolina State provides to all employers to help employers to protect their company and keep hazardous drivers from the roadways.  It is a service that is saving employers from costly mistakes and helps to protect other motorists on the road. 

DMV records are records provide pertinent information to employers.  This information helps employers to reduce the risk of employing drivers that could be a hazard in a company vehicle.  DMV driving records are easily obtained and should be a tool that each employer engages. 


South Carolina DMV records are maintained by South Carolina State.  Each driver, no matter how young or old, has a record that begins at the time they are first issued a driver’s license.  Each driving error that the driver commits and is cited and charged with is recorded on their DMV driving record. 

South Carolina DMV works on a points system.  What this means is that each driving ticket and violation has a specific point value.  The more severe the offense, the higher the point value of the offense will be.  This is a means for DMV to track and monitor each registered driver in the state and determine their responsibility in abiding by the road rules and laws.  Each ticket and / or violation remains on the individual’s DMV record for a set amount of time.  Minor offenses typically remain on the individual’s DMV driving record for three years, while more serious violation remain for seven years or longer.

When a driver does breaks road rules and laws and are caught they are cited.  When they are found guilty of the charge, the charge is recorded on their DMV record.  DMV records reflect all tickets and violations the driver has been cited and charged with and includes their date, time, place, point value and the length of time they will remain on the individual’s driving record.   

DMV driving records are a key tool for employers to determine the abilities and responsibility of a driver.  If an employer receives DMV records that are riddled with minor offenses and at fault accidents, the employer definitely knows the driver is a risk and should not be employed.  This system helps DMV and employers to keep the roadways safe.


South Carolina DMV records are a record of current and past driving offenses that a driver has been found guilty of.  This means even the simplest of traffic violations are recorded on the individual’s DMV record along with marks against their record. 

South Carolina DMV records show a complete history of the driver’s driving errors over the past three to seven years including offenses such as:

  • Auto accidents
  • Traffic tickets and violations
  • DUIs and DWIs
  • All other offenses the driver has been cited and charged with
  • Any suspension of the individual’s driver’s license
  • Whether the individual’s driver’s license has ever been revoked
  • Departmental actions

South Carolina DMV driving records are the tool for employers to accurately assess a driver.  Employers have the option to obtain the records for the past three to seven years.


South Carolina employers can obtain DMV records in one of two ways.  First, the records can be obtained through the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.  To obtain DMV driving records through the DMV office the employer must visit the office in person.  The DMV office may mail the DMV records, rather than providing the records on the spot.  If this is the case, then the employer can expect a wait time of two weeks.

The second option employers have to obtain DMV records  is to obtain them online.  4DMV.com realizes the importance of time and has partnered with 4SafeDrivers.com, a reputable supplier of DMV records.  4SafeDrivers.com provides employers throughout the US with accurate, up to date employee DMV driving records in a timely manner.

South Carolina employers are not on the mercy of second guessing a driver’s performance on the roadways.  DMV records provide details to show an employer how responsible a driver is and has been in abiding by road rules and laws, and whether they are a hazardous driver.


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