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South Carolina Bill of Sale

Need information about obtaining a South Carolina motor vehicle bill of sale form? 4DMV.com has everything you need to know! The state of South Carolina requires buyers and sellers of motor vehicles to complete and submit a DMV bill of sale in order to legally change ownership of a vehicle.

What is a SC Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale?

A South Carolina motor vehicle bill of sale contains specific particulars regarding the sale of the vehicle. It is designed to protect both the buyer and seller during the transaction.

A bill of sale contains:

  • The date of the change of ownership
  • The cost of the vehicle
  • The buyer and seller information
  • The vehicle’s description
  • The odometer reading of the vehicle
  • The VIN of the vehicle

South Carolina Bill of Sale Forms

To obtain a South Carolina bill of sale, visit your local DMV to find the form. The state website does not contain a complete PDF of the document; rather, they provide users with a sample, which can be found here.

Additionally, there are numerous places to find and download a generic motor vehicle bill of sale form, notably Rocket Lawyer and LawDepot.com. No matter which source you choose to obtain a bill of sale from, you should ensure that each form contains the particulars required to satisfy South Carolina’s requirements. A rejected bill of sale may slow the process of registering or transferring a title.

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