Employee Rhode Island DMV Driving Records

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Rhode Island is a state that works with employers to help ensure that they do not hire hazardous drivers to drive their company vehicles.  Rhode Island State does this by allowing employers the right to obtain employee DMV driving records on all individual’s they may hire or have in their employment that may get behind the wheel of their company vehicle.  Rhode Island State and Rhode Island employers help to protect the roadways and highways of Rhode Island through this measure, as well. 

DMV records are designed to provide employers with the information they need to make an informed decision prior to allow a driver to operate their company vehicle.  DMV driving records save employers what could be a costly mistake.


Rhode Island DMV records are a complete history of an individual’s driving performance while on the roadways of Rhode Island and other states within the US.  The Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles maintains DMV driving records on each registered driver within the state.  DMV records are used to track and monitor drivers and to ensure that they abide by road rules and laws and are not a hazardous driver on the roadways.  Each driving offense that the driver receives and is convicted of will show on their DMV driving record.

Rhode Island DMV works on a point system.  This means that each ticket and violation that a driver can receive while behind the wheel of a vehicle is worth a set amount of points, determined by Rhode Island DMV.  Should a driver receive a ticket or violation, the driving offense, date, time, place and the point value of the offense will then be recorded on their DMV record.  Rhode Island DMV permits a set amount of points that drivers can accumulate over a specific amount of time.  If a driver reaches the cap set by Rhode Island State, the DMV will then revoke or suspend their driver’s license. 

Each ticket or violation, whether a parking ticket or a major offense is recorded on the individual’s DMV driving record with the date, time, place and point value of the offense.  Pennsylvania DMV has a cap on the total amount of points that a driver can accumulate against their DMV record.  When the maximum amount of allowable points is reached, the Pennsylvania DMV will then revoke or suspend the individual’s driver’s license. 

Each traffic ticket and violation has set amount of time that it will remain on an individual’s driving record.  Minor offenses, such as, parking tickets and some speeding tickets, will remain on the individual’s driving record for three years.  Other offenses, such as, a felony DUI will remain on an individual’s driving record for seven or more years.

This is a system which helps drivers to be responsible and a system that allows Rhode Island DMV to track and monitor all drivers within the state.


Rhode Island DMV records show a detailed history of how responsible a driver has been while behind a wheel of a vehicle on roadways.  Each time a driver is cited and convicted of a driving offense, the offense will be recorded on their DMV record. 

Rhode Island DMV driving records will show all traffic tickets and violations that the driver has incurred over a specific amount of time. 

Rhode Island employers can expect to find:

  • Auto collisions that the driver has been involved in
  • Moving violations that the driver has been cited and convicted of
  • Traffic violations that the driver has been cited and convicted of
  • Parking tickets the driver has been cited and convicted of
  • All other violations and infractions that the driver has been cited and convicted of
  • Departmental actions

DMV driving records can be obtained by Rhode Island employers for the past three to seven years.  These records, as you can see, will alert you to drivers that could be a hazard in the company vehicle.


Employers in Rhode Island State, and outside of the state, have two means in which they can obtain Rhode Island DMV records.  Rhode Island State Department of Motor Vehicles is the first option to employers and employers can visit their local DMV office to request DMV driving records in person.  To obtain the DMV records through Rhode Island State, the request must be done in person.  This is the most time consuming of the two means.  Employers should be prepared for a wait time, as often the DMV offices do not provide the records on the spot, but will mail them to the employer, which can take about two weeks.

The second option, which is approved by Rhode Island State, is for employers to obtain DMV driving records online.  This is the quickest and most convenient means to obtain DMV records and the preferred method for most employers.  4DMV.com realizes the need for employers to have a reputable source of DMV records and has partnered with 4SafeDrivers.com4SafeDrivers.com is a reputable supplier of DMV records and offers 4DMV.com users a convenient means to obtain accurate and up to date employee DMV driving records.  The company is a trusted source and one which 4DMV.com endorses.

Rhode Island State employers no longer have to “take the word” of an individual they may place behind the wheel of their company vehicle when they can obtain DMV driving records in a convenient and timely manner and know just how well the driver has abided by road rules and laws.


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