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With your license required for driving, you obviously encounter a dilemma if you misplace your license, if it is lost or damaged completely, and especially if it is stolen. At the same time, you are losing your main method of proving your identity, which can produce a great deal of hassle for you in all.
Luckily, you arent without an option when your license is lost, as the DMV offers license replacement for those that cannot find or have damaged their drivers license severely.
Applying for Your Replacement/Duplicate Drivers License
Obtain and complete the license change, correction, or replacement form online or through the DMV.
Have the form notarized.
Collect the fees necessary which you may be able to find online.
Send your form by mail or bring to the DMV in person.
If you are mailing the form, there is an address listed on the form if available. Make sure that you include any documents and fees that are requested before you send the application.
Notifying Authorities
Identity theft has become the forefront of consumer worries today, and there are great implications for this crime if your drivers license is stolen even if you only think it could have been stolen. The thing is, with your drivers license, there is a lot that a fraud could do, including opening accounts, applying for credit cards and more.
If you think or have the slightest notion that your license has been stolen, even if you know who it is, it is important that you visit the local police department and file a report. Not only may this void your fees for a replacement, but it can also protect you from identity theft and other liability issues.
Lost License during Travel
Taking a vacation can be so great and exciting but when you lose your drivers license, the entire trip can become a hardship. However, there are options for replacement of your license while away on a trip or even for military duty.
Follow the steps indicated for standard license replacement.
Mail your form and fees to the address listed on the form.
The DMV will send your replacement to the address listed in your drivers file.
Have someone you trust mail your license to you.
IF you are in the military, the DMV will offer the option of mailing to your current address.
Always make sure that you keep your license in a safe place so you have less of a chance of losing it or misplacing it. If you are around others, keep an eye on your property so you dont have to worry about theft. If you are the victim of a stolen license, always make sure to report it immediately.
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Lost License
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