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There are certainly a few ways a warrant can be issued out for your arrest – which is only done by a court judge. When it comes to being a driver, it is possible to get a bench warrant if you fail to appear for a scheduled court date and fail to pay the ticket associated with the court date as well. If you are ever unsure of whether there is a warrant currently issued for your arrest, you can perform a check through several methods.

Reasons to obtain a warrant check no matter which method you choose include:

  • Ensuring you are safe to drive the streets.
  • Determining if any measures must be taken in order to avoid jail time.
  • Consulting an attorney that could possibly find the best possible outcome.
  • Ensuring that you are able to take on employment opportunities.

Warrant Check Online

The internet has a great deal of the vital records and reports that you will need from time to time, including arrest warrants that could be your ticket straight to jail. Searching online will yield many great offers for online instant warrant checks, offering the information you need to ensure you aren’t going on a trip only to end up in jail at the worst moment.

Find a resource that you can trust, and one that is going to offer a thorough search.

Warrant Check in Person

There are a few methods of obtaining a warrant check in person:

  • Police Station
  • Lawyer’s Office
  • Bail Bondsman

These methods aren’t as discreet as performing the check online, but can just as efficiently produce the results you need. Visiting the police station, however, is going to ultimately result in your arrest by law, while a lawyer can provide you with consultation before you turn yourself in. A bail bondsman can actually provide you with an option for quick release, allowing you to pay the appropriate bail amount before you even report to the police.

A warrant check in PA is important to many people, especially as you could have your vehicle impounded if you are picked up for a warrant without planning on it – as you never do. Make sure that you report to any court date and follow any instructions on your tickets to avoid warrants – and be sure to follow the rules and laws.


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