PA Manuals & Handbooks

PennDOT forms and publications are plentiful, and the options to get them are convenient enough to cut your service efforts in half and allow you to always be prepared.

  • DMV Forms
  • PA Bill of Sale
  • Driver’s Manuals and Handbooks
  • Motorcycle Manuals
  • PA Vehicle Code

Each of these publications and forms are going to serve a great purpose in the receipt and maintenance of your prized driver’s license – which really does become the epitome of growing up.

Getting Your DOT Forms in PA

There are essentially two methods to receiving your PA DOT forms, which can be done online or by visiting a DOT office in your county. If you decide that you wish to obtain them online, the use of Adobe Acrobat is required, and the steps are too easy to confuse.

  1. Make sure Adobe Reader is present in your OS.
  2. Visit Most Requested Forms/Publications
  3. Choose from the list of forms available for download.
  4. Print the form you need.
  5. Complete according to instructions found on forms.
  6. Submit according to instructions on form.

There are many different driver’s licensing form, and over 150 vehicle service forms that can be downloaded as well by visiting Motor Vehicle Titling Forms, Publications and FAQs.  To get your forms in the DOT office, you should locate the office by visiting  Locations Info Center. Make sure you give them a call before you arrive to be sure they are open.

PA Bill of Sale

There are different ways a bill of sale can work itself into a vehicle transaction, with the state of PA using the buyer’s acknowledgement instead, but still offering the option to use a bill of sale. You can get the acknowledgement form through various sources:

  • Auto Dealers
  • Auto Clubs
  • Notary Publics

If you wish to use the bill of sale, you have the option of using a generic bill of sale form, which can be obtained online from various sources as well.

Driver’s Handbooks in PA

Driver’s handbooks, or manuals, in PA are loaded with information that drivers like you must understand. Not only do you need the basic understanding of driving in Pennsylvania, but you also must have a great guide to study for your driver’s exams from. There are four different handbooks offered online, both in Spanish and in English.

Non-Commercial Driver’s Manual:

Motorcycle Driver’s Manual:

Commercial Driver’s Manual:

Each manual has various sections, all containing very valuable information about laws, regulations, requirements, and more.

If you want to get your manuals in-person, you are able to just walk into any vehicle service center or driver license office and request the manual you need, which is free of charge.

PA Vehicle Code

The PA vehicle code is perhaps the most valuable publication for learning, understanding, and noting the laws in effect that could affect you. You can visit the website at Title 67, Transportation in order to receive this code online and read all you need to understand your regulations.

This is the publication to help you beat a traffic case, understand your rights in a situation, and leverage yourself against offenses you may have committed. There are various sections, with the motor vehicle laws all listed under Title 67, which you can view online at Title 67, Transportation

The 125 chapters of Title 67 include:

  • Photo license
  • Oversize/overweight loads
  • Temporary registration
  • Ignition Interlock Devices
  • Antique/Classic Vehicles
  • Odometer Disclosure Statements

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