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Once you get your driver’s license in PA, you don’t want to lose it over a silly expiration date. Knowing when your driver’s license expires is the best way to be sure that you are getting your license renewed on time.

Renewal with Valid License

Both the standard Class C and motorcycle operator’s Class M licenses are only valid for up to 4 years for those under 65 and 2 years for those over 65. You are given two options for renewal:

  • Online Renewal
  • Mail-In Renewal

Commercial drivers have different steps and paperwork required for license renewal, which you can see through the CDL driver’s pages from 4DMV.com.

To check your current driver’s license status, you can visit PennDOT for a driver’s history report, or simply obtain one instantly online from a bevy of sources.

Renewal with Expired Driver’s License

You are not legally able to drive if your license is expired, but PA doesn’t carry restrictions on the period of time you have to renew an expired license before penalties are introduced. However, if you are caught driving with an expired license, you will receive a ticket – and could see a halt to the renewal of your license.

Renewal with License Suspended

If your license is suspended, you have a few more steps to reinstatement, as renewal cannot take place until your license is properly reinstated in the state. There are steps to reinstatement which you must follow, and should be detailed on your notice of suspension.

If you cannot find your driver’s license, visit the Replacing a Lost License page from 4DMV.com to determine the right method of obtaining a duplicate/replacement driver’s license.

License Renewal Notice in Mail

Approximately 3 months before your driver’s license expiration date, you will receive a renewal notice by mail from PennDOT. If it never comes:

License Renewal Online

You will not be permitted to apply for renewal online if any the following applies to you:

  • Current license information needs correction or change.
  • Out-of-state address is currently displayed on license.
  • Current license is void of photo.
  • You have no major credit card for renewal online payment.

If neither applies, you can follow the steps listed below for online renewal.

You will receive a camera card by mail within 7 to 10 days after applying. You must bring the camera card, your Social Security Card, and another form of personal identification such as an ID card to the Photo Licensing Center in your area so your digital license is able to be processed.

Mail-In License Renewal in PA

You must have either a completed Form DL-143 or the renewal notice in hand with your fee in order to complete the mail-in renewal process by sending these things to:

            Bureau of Driver Licensing
            P.O. Box 68272
            Harrisburg, PA 17106-8272

You will receive your camera card by mail 7 to 10 days afterwards, which will require the same steps as with online renewal for completion of your mail-in renewal.

If you are in the military or you have an immediate family household member in the military, you aren’t bound by the typical renewal regulations – however, you must always have proof of the military status while driving. You have 45 days after the status is inactive to renew your license.

Renewal In the Office

You aren’t offered in-office renewals in PA, so you will have to complete the renewal by mail or online.

Renewing Your Driving Skills

Once you get your license – unless you are involved in a situation where you are court-ordered to attend traffic school – you are finished with instruction and don’t have to follow any procedures for further training, but it could be a good idea. When you renew your license, why not renew your skills by attending a traffic school course, which you can even do online?


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