PA New to Your State

Entering the Keystone State, Pennsylvania as known to others, you are offered a great deal of environment that you can greatly enjoy – even as you become a driver in the state. There is a lot to do as you enter the state as a new PA resident, but that doesn’t mean that it is all work and no fun. In fact, with the help of 4DMV.com, you can easily save a great deal of time on the services that you will need to become a great resident and driver of the state.

There are several great historic adventures found in Pennsylvania, including:

  • Independence Hall which shows the birth and creation of democracy.
  • Dutch Country which is the resemblance of the agrarian roots of the nation.
  • Gettysburg, which is all about the Civil War.

The state itself is a monument to just what the nation turned into the industrial and steel age of yesterday.

There is a great deal of history and present found within Pennsylvania, which helps to capture the new residents as a great place to lay their head and raise their families.

Settling Into the State

Once you are getting moved into PA, you can quickly complete the relocation process just by getting to the information you need quicker, which can be done through getting the information you need most including:  

  • Office Locations and Hours of PennDOT
  • New License Application Process
  • New ID Card Application Process
  • Change of Address
  • Registering Your Vehicle
  • Getting your License Plates and Tags
  • Receiving your Motorcycle License
  • PA Driver’s Manual
  • Applications and DMV Forms
  • Auto Insurance

Weather in Pennsylvania

The weather of PA is a bit different than the other Northeast states, with 70 degree summers and 30 degree winters, and weather fluctuation from area to area thanks to Lake Erie and the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time there is about 45” of rain each year in PA, with high snow fall near the lake.

Entertainment through Arts and Culture

PA has a great deal of history through various forms, and the culture of the state is quite rich indeed. You can find the Philadelphia Orchestra, which is one of the top orchestras to inhabit the world. You also can choose from the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, with one of the nation’s leading companies. Don’t forget about the Andy Warhol Museum either, as it is the largest in the world to be devoted only to one single artist.

Great PA Attractions

As you are getting situated and your license and vehicles are documented, you can begin to head to the various attractions, which include:

  • Fallingwater, which is the architectural special piece of Frank Lloyd Wright – found in Mill Run.
  • Lancaster, which is a great center of space for the Amish country of PA, showing just where technology has not yet taken over.
  • Independence Hall which is one of the most historical legends of PA, and offers a very close location near Liberty Bell Center.

Facts You Can Run With

There are also great facts of PA, which gives the state a bit of personality and character, including:

  • Hershey, PA is the chocolate capital of the U.S.
  • Rockville Bridge located in Harrisburg is the longest stone arch style bridge within the entire world.
  • There are two counties, Forest County and Perry County, within PA that have no traffic lights whatsoever.
  • There are nearly 10 billion lbs. of milk obtained from PA dairy cows annually.
  • The nation’s first computer was rested in PA during 1946.
  • The first commercial radio broadcast in the U.S. came from Pittsburgh KDKA radio.

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