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PA Registration Renewal

When your vehicle is registered in PA, it will be required to be renewed each year.

If you don’t renew registration for your vehicle, you will not be able to drive. At the same time, a valid and current insurance policy is required for all registration and renewals. There are different renewal options as well, which are listed on the renewal notice and can help you renew with more convenience.

Check Registration Renewal Notice

PennDOT sends you a renewal notice for your vehicle’s registration before it even expires in order to ensure that there is no reason your renewal is late. While the notice isn’t required for renewal, you can apply for a notice if not received by completing the Request for Registration/Renewal

The notice will also include your requirements for emissions testing, which will typically be done with your safety inspection and is essential for registration of your vehicle.

Registration Fees in PA

The registration renewal fee is generally a flat cost of $36. However, fees can change for different drivers. Senior drivers who are retired are only charged $10 for renewal if requirements are met.

  1. View Fact Sheet to determine qualification for retiree discount.
  2. To apply, use form MV-371, which you can get from  Application For A Retired Person’s

Always remember that auto insurance is needed first – with a complete list of requirements at 4DMV.com’s insurance center for PA.

There are no late fees imposed on drivers who fail to renew their vehicle’s registration in time, but you won’t be able to operate the vehicle and will face fines if you do.

Online Registration Renewal

The Department of Transportation in PA will only allow you to renew your registration online if your name and address are correct and on record. Also, if your registration expires over six months from now, you won’t be able to use this option either, or if you are a retiree getting the discount for registration.

However, if you qualify to renew online, the process is extremely simple.

  1. If required, complete emissions inspection for your vehicle through a certified center.
  2. Get your vehicle’s plate number, number on the title, and your insurance card to prepare to input the information.
  3. Pay your fee with a major credit or debit card.
  4. Visit Online Vehicle Services, and follow the instructions on-screen.
  5. Print receipt and temporary registration certification, which you should place in the vehicle until replaced with the official registration document which will arrive within 10 business days by mail.

Renew Registration in Office

This process is even easier – but you will have to visit a PennDOT service center to complete the process.

  1. If required, complete your vehicle’s emissions requirements.
  2. Gather current registration documents and renewal notice, with proof of auto insurance.
  3. Pay fee in cash, check, or even money order – no cards are accepted.
  4. Visit the local messenger service or driver/vehicle service center to complete the process in-person.

Registration Renewal by Mail

This is the final option for registration renewal in PA, and can be just as easy as the other options.

  1. Check your renewal notice for an emissions requirement and complete if any.
  2. Write check or money order for renewal fee, payable to “Pennsylvania Department of Transportation” or “PennDOT”.
  3. Send notice and payment to address listed on renewal notice.
  4. You will receive your renewal material within 10 business days by mail.

Attach Tag Stickers

Make sure that you properly affix your stickers to your vehicle’s plates. If you don’t, officers have cause to stop you and write you a ticket. You will receive instructions for attachment with your renewal material.

Registration Tax Deduction in PA

While other state residents enjoy deductions for their registration costs, Pennsylvania residents are not qualified for this deduction due to the fact that PA doesn’t assess fees based on vehicle value. However, you can check with a tax attorney to determine if there are any costs that would qualify if you aren’t sure.

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